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Where is hot rolled steel used?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Today there are two methods to produce rolled steel. Metal processing takes place at high temperatures or without it, so the rolled metal products can be cold-rolled and hot-rolled.

Metal sheets are in demand in the energy sector and in industry. So, where is hot rolled steel used?

They are used to produce car bodies and other parts. Shipbuilding and car building manufacture hulls, internal partitions of cars and ships, and all kinds of structures.

In construction industries, manufacturing, and electrical works, steel sheets are used as the basis on which galvanized pipes and various parts are being produced.

In monolithic construction, rolled steel is used in the manufacture of formwork. Also, it is used for roofing. Curved profiles and corrugated sheets are made of rolled steel.

Where is hot rolled steel used?

Metal comes as an independent construction material when metal structures are erected, when welded structures are made, for riveted and bolted joints of structures.

Hot rolled steel is used in cases when it does not need an additional heat process. Hot rolled steel is widely used in a variety of other industries. They are used for producing car parts, manufacturing building structures, covering metal structures, etc.

The metal is heated to the set temperature, then it is being deformed.

This process takes place on special presses, then it is rolled. Cold rolling allows to achieve an even product thickness, its properties are significantly increased.

Hot rolled steel, as well as galvanized steel, are manufactured using new technologies with modern equipment. They are easy to stamp. We even use it at home (in the kitchen, for example).

Where is hot rolled steel used?

Production costs are reduced, rolled steel price is being reduced, it becomes more affordable. And there is a price – high-quality ratio.

There is a wide range of steel strips on the market. Galvanized rolled steel is in great demand. The grade of the steel used is of particular importance. The characteristics affect the weight of steel. This is taken into account when scheming metal structures. And this is taken into account when calculating the price.

Strong metal coating protects against external factors. The service life of the metal is increased. Metal is used in all economic sectors. So, don`t hesitate to buy hot-rolled steel of the highest quality!

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