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A Guide to Buying Plastering Machines for the First Time

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Constructing and prepping walls make up the majority of time dedicated to completing a building. Walls need to be properly built in order to guarantee their durability and structural integrity. Part of ensuring that a wall is structurally sound is the application of plaster. Plaster helps strengthen the wall and also makes it suitable for decorating. Some plaster material also has fire-resistant properties that are applied as an extra layer of protection. Applying plaster manually used to be the norm. These days, however, many professional contractors rely on the use of spray plastering machines.

Advantages of plastering machines over manual application

One of the primary advantages of using a plastering machine is the convenience and efficiency it brings to any construction project. It speeds up the application of plaster by at least three times. This means that a contractor does not have to hire as many plasterers to do the same amount of work. Since machines apply plaster at a steady speed and volume, consistency is also achieved. Manual application can be prone to errors which results in costly repairs.

It is also noticeable that work sites using plastering machines look cleaner and more organised. With fewer people moving around the job site, there are also fewer accidents.

Buying a plastering machine

It may seem quite attractive to have your own plastering equipment ready anytime you need it. If you’re looking for a plastering machine for sale there are many to choose from. If you are in the process of acquiring a plastering machine for your business, here are a few tips to guide you:

  • Know your needs. You need to think about how frequently you opt for machine plastering before deciding to purchase a machine. Purchasing is perhaps a good option if you run a large contractor business where you have multiple projects and need equipment handy to use. Nevertheless, if your projects are few and far between, consider renting instead.
  • Shop around. Don’t settle on a specific make and model until you have done your research. Read product reviews and compare the functions of each make and model in order to select the best one.
  • Don’t forget to test it. If you are buying online, there is a possibility you won’t have the option to test out the machine first. As much as possible, look for sellers that offer the option of testing the machine first before making a commitment to buy.
  • Scrutinise the seller. There are many online sellers as well as offline sellers offering great deals on plastering machines. The advantage of buying online is that you have the convenience of finding out more about the seller and checking customer feedback. Look for sellers that offer the best value for your money along with a buyer’s warranty. If possible, check if the seller also offers parts and accessories so that you don’t have to look elsewhere for other supplies.

A plastering machine can be a wise investment for any contractor. It helps build client confidence knowing that you have the capability to invest and use the latest innovations in construction.


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