The War On Drugs Could End Today, But YOUR Government Keeps It Going

Written by newsexaminer

The war on drugs could end today by burning these fields, but Obama, lawmakers and the CIA spend BILLIONS of dollars protecting them with U.S. Military Troops.

So the next time you hear of someone getting arrested for drugs, just know where it came from. Your government. This is hypocrisy and pure evil at its highest level.

And don’t get me started on the new slavery which is most of the African American race being locked away in prison. Most for drug charges, others for robbery and violent crimes. But why do they do these things? Steal, rob, lie, cheat… are they bad people? Some. I say it is so they can get their hands on more extremely addictive drugs that the government and CIA supply them with.

Remember, you gotta support the troops, man! Support the troops or you hate America! Because those same troops, under direct orders from our government, protect the drug traffickers so they safely get their product to market.

So, be racist. Be ignorant. Don’t think. Consume. Trust your government. Be a good American citizen and everything will be alright.

Our Very Own U.S. Military Guarding The Poppy Fields And Marijuana Overseas

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