Beyoncé Is Amazing! I Cannot Name One Of Her Songs, But She Deserves Everything She Has Achieved

Imma let you finish but with 20 Grammys and 53 nominations, I don’t watch dance or singing shows ever. I know nothing about the difference between bad and good, besides if they are obviously good or obviously really bad, but the few music videos and live performances I’ve seen of Beyoncé…. she is absolutely amazing, there is no one even close. She is like an angel sent down from fake Heaven. Every other female I see, not even close. I couldn’t name a song of hers to save my life though, so maybe her music does suck. But she is bad*ss and I think she deserves everything that she has gotten over the years. I mean, imagine all that work and dedication and to still be so good, crazy Kanye West still has your back. Now speaking on a who I would like to go down on for days and days… Katy Perry. I know she is trendy, all the school girls love her, and it’s almost cliché to say you like Katy Perry; but she’s so cool, and I’m gay for her songs. Seriously, her songs are so feminine and gay, and I listen to manly stuff, because I’m a rugged man, but I love her. Yup, I love Katy Perry and I’m not afraid to say it louder than a lion! Roar!

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