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Impact of ethnic clothing on fashion trends in the UK and USA

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The ethnic trend is prevailing in all areas. Particularly in fashion, where the use of exotic materials and styles invite you to travel. In the outfits, the prints recall continents such as Asia and Africa. In the costume jewelry, an attempt is made to reproduce the work of the indigenous people of America. However, a mixture of natural materials and styles from various cultures is often called ethnic.

That taste for ethnicity that is observed in France, other European countries and the United States, could be the result of globalization that makes objects, music, gastronomy and traditions from different horizons available to all. In any case, you can no longer go shopping without coming across an “ethnic” proposal. Even the famous and old Paris Fair, which opened its doors on April 28, proposes a “Tendances Ethniques” sector in which African masks and Chinese furniture occupy a privileged place.

A world in constant change

The world is changing rapidly and the fashion industry is no exception. Advances in technology lead to the emergence of new disruptive business models that transform the way things are done in the industry. In addition, the consumer is increasingly aware and empowered, seeking products like Vlone Shirt and services that do not affect the environment and are socially responsible. This, in turn, also broadens their demands, expectations, complaints and comments through social networks.

New business models with new ways to satisfy consumer needs

Convenience, social responsibility, personalization, and speed are on the minds of consumers today. That is why new business models have appeared that seek to satisfy these needs. Some examples are the second-hand clothing model, the rental of clothing and accessories, the purchase of subscription products, among others.

Second-hand clothing and accessories through digital media

One of the business models that is beginning to have quite a boom in developed countries and that is beginning to be seen more and more in Mexico is second-hand. This system allows customers to sell, buy or exchange fashionable items in good condition, through online applications or social networks.

Modality is the attractions

This modality is attractive for consumers, especially for the new generations, because it allows them to obtain items at a lower price or receive money for things they no longer use. In addition, it promotes responsible and sustainable consumption, which allows fashion items to have a longer life cycle, reducing their environmental impact.

Healthy fashion for the consumer and the environment

The trend of having a healthy lifestyle has grown considerably in recent years. Now the consumer is more aware of the characteristics of the products and services he purchases, and takes care that they do not affect his body or the environment.

This trend also applies to the fashion industry. Customers know the materials with which the products in their wardrobe are made and they look for natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, silk, wool and cashmere, which replace synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon. This is because natural materials have less impact on the environment and do not expose the body to the chemicals used in the polymerization of synthetic components.

Currently there are several brands that have incorporated this trend in their products, such as Fair Indigo, a brand whose motto is “Style with a conscience”, since it uses mostly natural materials that are kinder to the planet, in addition to being concerned about paying a fair wage to its workers and suppliers. You can also buy Travis Scott Hoodie as well.

Interactive clothing

Technology is present in all objects of everyday life, and clothing and footwear are no exception. Today, brands seek to control factors that affect consumer health and comfort by making use of it.

Some of these products can already be found on the market:

  • Mattresses or pajamas for babies that change color when the child has a fever.
  • Sportswear designed by PolarSeal that can be heated or cooled with the push of a button, as required.
  • Caps that use the conduction of the skull bones to play music or make calls, designed by ZEROi.
  • Wearable X Vibrate smart leggings, designed to correct yoga postures.


The world is changing rapidly and the fashion industry is no exception. Advances in technology lead to the emergence of new disruptive business models that transform the way things are done in the industry.

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