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10 Less Time-Consuming Jobs Perfect for Students

Long gone are the times when students only had to focus on getting good grades only. Now you need to build work experience even before you graduate. This is done not only to gain some control over your finances. Employers are actively looking for students who are familiar with a job’s demands.

The challenge is to find lucrative jobs that you can handle with your student schedule. In this article, you will find some ideas that you could pursue as part-time jobs.

Essay Writer

Do you know how many students search for educational services when the panic of the looming deadline hits? Luckily there are platforms like where you can turn with a “write my essay online” request. Now, if you are confident in your essay writing skills, there are academic platforms that encourage students to join as a freelancer.

If you are pursuing an undergraduate or master’s degree, through essay writing services you can help other students manage their assignments. These jobs are highly flexible and come with good pay.


Along the lines of essay writing is another academic job that can fit your college schedule – tutoring. Use your skills to teach school kids or your classmates to reach their educational goals. Today, there is also a high demand for language tutors.

If you are a polyglot or at least a bilingual person, you can offer tutoring for international students or kids who want to learn a second language. Tutoring can be provided online these days. This eliminates any geographical or time limitations for you to find opportunities.

Teaching Assistant

If you have managed to perform exceptionally well in any class, here’s a tip. You should always explore the possibilities of being a teaching assistant. These positions are available for students across a wide range of major choices and almost every class.

Sometimes, TAs have to handle the additional workload, such as hosting events. Still, in most scenarios, your responsibilities will line up with your duties as a student.

Research Assistant

Your department may have positions open for research assistants. As opposed to the misconception, such roles are not limited to science and technology alone.

Research assistants are hired across history, architecture, literature, and more subjects. Some of the programs offer hourly pay, and others come with a stipend. In any case, the position will undeniably strengthen your resume.

Administrative Assistant

Universities and other entities need help handling the receptionist and secretarial duties. If you have good communication skills and are familiar with the essential MS Office tools, you will have no trouble finding a related job.

Moreover, if you can land one on your campus, it will also help you avoid the commute. As these positions tend to get filled early, keep an eye out at the staff offices, career services, and human resources.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance is one of the jobs that is high-in-demand these days. If you are familiar with administrative tasks, you can perform this from anywhere. Additionally, you can set the schedules according to your preferences.

You will be required to manage the correspondence, do the scheduling, probably maintain the blog, and occasionally to bookkeep, among other tasks.

Resident Assistant

While the job is on-campus and probably gives you the comfort of working from your dorm, it might also be demanding. You will be responsible for overseeing the residents’ safety and well-being, among organizing the floor efficiently.

Being the resident assistant, you will have to foster an environment for students to live cooperatively with others. The perk, on the other hand, is free housing, which will save you a significant sum each semester.

Fitness Instructor

Convert your passion for physical fitness into a job opportunity by coaching others. You have numerous options here, from running to yoga and Zumba. You can conduct classes on your own or join as an instructor in the gym. At the maximum, you will have to set aside a couple of hours per day to keep up this job.

Social Media Assistant

Colleges and universities are also focusing on building their online presence. As they are trying to connect with youngsters, a student is the best fit. Your college’s marketing department, in all likeliness, would be looking for a social media consultant. They might be eager to hire you.


Why look for jobs when you can be self-employed? Today, freelancing gives you the chance to control your work timings and needs. Whatever your skill is, you can connect with clients through dedicated freelancing platforms.

This will help you build a portfolio, experience, and gain valuable client reviews well before you graduate.

Wrapping Up

Remember, campus jobs are always highly coveted. It is recommended to start searching for these positions as early as possible. Prepare your resume, even if it is only your educational qualifications. Think of your long term plans as well.

It wouldn’t hurt to find part-time positions that align with your career goals.

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