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4 Vital tips Every Student should know when Renting in Madrid

For most students, studying in Madrid is a dream come true. It may not be the home to Harvard, Oxford or Stanford, but it still has its fair share of outstanding universities.

Located in Spain’s capital, students renting in Madrid enjoy the full campus experience.

However, this location comes at a price. For one, finding excellent accommodations is quite a challenge. Also, since Madrid is a busy town, it’s at times hard to get to class.

With these challenges in mind, we have generated a small list of tips to help you when renting your house in Madrid.

1.    Go for quality

There are numerous houses for rent in Madrid. Each of these houses offers different facilities and amenities, and go for different prices.

You, therefore, have an array of options to choose from. The one rule you should never forget, however, is to never compromise on quality accommodations regardless of the price.

You need to be in a house with water and electricity, a good and comfortable bed and well-maintained washrooms. Living in a shady apartment may be cheap, but it’ll begin to affect not only your health but also academic performance

2.    Proximity to the Institution

Regardless of the size of your campus, every student can’t fit in the student accommodations offered. You might also prefer living of-site for various personal reasons.

If you do, you need to ensure that the house you rent is close enough to your institution. Attending all your lectures is critical in ensuring that you’re updated on your course work.

Living close to the school also gives you the freedom to stay at the library till late-nights. However, if your accommodations are far, getting stuck in Madrid’s traffic jams may just be your routine.

3.    Privacy and security of the apartment

People live off-campus for various reasons but mostly; due to privacy issues. You probably want your space too!

Most apartments in Madrid have multiple bedrooms with a common living area and kitchen. They’re thus ideally designed for roommates.

Therefore, before renting that apartment, you need to look into the design. If you are to have a roommate, will you be sleeping in the same room? Are there any amenities you’ll be sharing?

Also, checking for the security of both your property and your life is crucial.

Madrid, like any other city, has its fair share of crooks. So, does that area have an active security system? Is it safe to walk at night?

Getting these answers will help you avoid surprises in the future.

4.    Access to social amenities

The life of a student is exciting yet hectic. You juggle between classes, clubs, and co-curriculum activities yet still have time to attend parties and other fun events.

If this is your lifestyle, then being close to the entertainment areas, shopping malls, and public transport is a huge advantage.

Madrid is filled with several entertainment zones, some of them close to the school! Choosing apartments close to your favorite joints will thus save you a lot time!


Your accommodation situation plays a significant role in determining your academic success. The better your accommodation, the more likely you are to succeed.

Madrid is a fantastic city to live and study in. However, you have to be keen when renting a house there. By following these tips, you can be assured of a comfortable and enjoyable experience in the city.

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