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5 Best Fluoride Water Filters for Clean Water

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Fluoride is one of the most persistent compounds in the municipal water supply—and a dubious one at that. Most people are better off filtering out their fluoride, along with anything else lurking in their water that doesn’t belong there. The question is, what’s the best fluoride water filter?

We’ve compiled a list of five different types of fluoride-focused water filtration systems. Take a look at their pros and cons, as well as some of the features and methods available for filtering fluoride. Be sure to consider your living situation (home vs. apartment) and your need for peripheral filtration as well. Each of these fluoride filtration systems is effective in its own right, but it’s up to each person to select the one that’ll best meet their needs on a daily basis.

Best Overall Fluoride Water Filter: Aquarius Triple Plus™

One of the most complete point-of-use systems Aquaspace® offers, the Aquarius Triple Plus™ comes backed by fluoride-heavy metal and microbial reduction filters, as well as hydrating magnets. The result is powerful filtration that’s specifically designed to tackle fluoride. The fluoride and heavy metal reduction cartridge was engineered to absolve water of municipal-added chemicals and compounds—namely fluoride and chlorine.

The reason this fluoride water filter shines above and beyond the competition is because it’s supported by the Aquaspace® Compound cartridge, which offers unbeatable filtration and purification for everything above and beyond fluoride. It’s the best all-in-one value, with emphasis on treating fluorinated water.

Best Water Pitcher Fluoride Filter: Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

Water pitchers are great for convenience, but finding a filter specifically equipped to tackle fluoride can be a chore. Luckily, there’s the Aquagear pitcher. This pitcher offers a two-stage filtration system that sets it apart from others. It’s also a great value for the money and has a superior capacity compared to other fluoride-targeted filtration pitchers. Best of all, it’s a proven market leader in fluoride and chlorine mitigation, making it a broadly applicable filter product.

The biggest knock against this pitcher is its slow rate of filtration due to smaller pore sizes in its filtration membrane. That said, it’s difficult to find much to else wrong with it! If you’re going to invest in one, make sure to fill it before bed—you’ll wake up to fresh, defluorinated water in the morning!

Best Standalone Fluoride Water Filter: Imperial Berkey System

If you’ve noticed Berkey products showing up on these lists more and more, it’s because of the brand’s commitment to filtration technology. While they may be standalone units, filtration systems like the Imperial Berkey System are extremely powerful because of their large filter media and the tendency of the water to sit for extended periods of time with those filters. In fact, Berkey says that its Imperial System can reduce the prevalence of fluoride by as much as 95%.

The drawback of Berkey filters is that they’re not hooked up to anything, which means manual refilling. The stainless-steel construction is durable, but doesn’t do a great job of insulating water against hot or cold. Alongside this, Berkey filters are known for clogging and may require premature replacement.

Best Countertop Fluoride Water Filter: Home Master Fluoride Water Filtration System

Countertop filters are all about convenience and efficiency. You don’t want to take up a ton of room on your countertop, but you still expect powerful filtration capabilities. The Home Master Fluoride Water Filtration System offers the best of both worlds. It’s easy to install, doesn’t take up much space and has powerful filtration capabilities specific to fluoride and chlorine, thanks to its carbon media filter. It also offers a great flow rate, so you can quickly get the defluorinated water you want from the tap without waiting for the filtration to kick in. When it’s time to replace the filter, the process takes about a minute.

Speaking of filters, that’s the downfall of this countertop unit. It’s superior defluorinated capabilities come at a cost, and the filter media is only good for about 500 gallons. That said, filter replacements are relatively inexpensive for this model, which makes it a leading model for tackling fluoride at the point of use.

Best Reverse Osmosis Fluoride Water Filter: Waterdrop G3

If you’ve got the money to spend on a fluoride-focused water filtration system, the Waterdrop G3 system is the best reverse osmosis system money can buy for water defluorination. Its design is superb for point-of-use and it fits under the sink thanks to a compact design. It even includes a faucet replacement with an LED design to let you know the system is working! Most important, it’s NSF 58 & 372 certified, meaning fluoride is no match for its powerful filtration capabilities.

With a price tag upwards of $550 after tax, cost is obviously the biggest issue for this system. That said, it’s the price to pay for powerful water purification in any setting. The other setback is that, while it offers 7-stage filtration, the filters themselves can deteriorate quickly and aren’t always affordable to replace. It’s the price for convenience and clean, pure water.

You get what you pay for

Keep in mind that cost is always a factor when choosing a fluoride filtration system, and you get what you pay for. There are plenty of off-the-shelf brands and filters out there for $50 or less, but they’re often not NSF rated or, if they are, their filtration capabilities are the bare minimum to qualify.

Fluoride is one of the most persistent compounds in the municipal water supply. To tackle it effectively and filter it out accordingly, you’ll need a filtration system that’s up for the task. Take a look at any of the options on this list and why they’re well-worth the money. The sooner you can install one and minimize your exposure to fluorinated water, the better.

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