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5 Great Jobs for Economists

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Economists are fantastic professionals who maintain reasonable knowledge about the current markets, the economic changes that lead it there, and what changes can affect businesses and people personally.  Although it takes countless years of training and hard work to become fully trained as an economist, many people aren’t sure what these scholars do with this information.

Here are the top five jobs for economists and what types of personalities they fit best.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts are like the crystal balls companies depend on to see the future of their productivity and income.  These analysts study the current market conditions and the trends of the last couple of years to build up a layout of what they expect to be possible within the next months and years.

These pros work to help businesses see what customers are demanding their product and what this means for the bottom line.

Economic Consultant

An economic consultant takes the information someone like a market research analyst may supply and helps build a plan for companies to succeed off of them.  These economic experts work hard to show businesses the different changes they can make, affect their spending and income, and what markets these changes will appeal in.  Although not every plan they layout will be a success, they usually lay out multiple pitches, so companies have options.

Credit Analyst

One of the most feared employees by customers, credit analysts, is employees who work with companies to check customers’ creditworthiness.  They’ll let businesses know if they think an investment is good or bad and what a company can do to counteract a high-risk case.  This job is different every day, allowing these economic pros to keep interested.


Running a business is a lot like gambling.  Company owners, and investors, hope they’re making the right decision, but often it’s hard to tell.  Actuaries step in to assess situations and decide if they’re good or bad calls.

This can mean investing in another business, buying from a new company, or even assessing the risk of changing how they find leads.  Although this work is highly varied, it’s a long list of checks and balances put to work to ensure success.


The most popular job for those who majored in economics is getting into law!  Attorneys with a background in economics are fantastic in almost any field of law, from helping companies with the legal red tape of running a business to assisting individuals to recover what they’ve lost from accidents, illness, or injury.  Economic lawyers are also fantastic for class action suits and anything else that needs a high level of attention to detail.

Economists can be so much and are more than just people leaning over the current market trends or studying the stock exchange.  With a keen eye for detail, the ability to track and predict trends, and a higher likelihood of a subtle sense of right and wrong, these are the professionals who can make it big in any profession they choose.

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