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5 Processes Every Business Needs To Automate

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Automating business process can seem like a daunting task at first but with a number of processes worth automating to improve the running costs of your business as well as increase efficiency, it is worth spending the money to achieve the results. However, with a number of processes to automate such as social media posting and card punching, you can use technology to your advantage to help reduce the risk of human error and save your business money in the long term. In this article, we will be looking into 5 processes that you can automate to help make your business a success.

Customer Service
Automating the customer service process of your business is great for customers as it provides them with two elements that they require the most which are quality and speed. By automating the process, you can target any customer related questions with a chatbots or automated call answering system. This will then lead the customer through to the relevant member of the customer services team to ensure that their complaint is dealt with as quickly as possible. This is crucial to the success of your business as around 13% of dissatisfied customers will tell more than 20 people of their poor experience, which could then be damaging to your business’s reputation.

Business Monitoring and Analytics

Automation is also becoming more and more prominent in business intelligence and analytics. Both, small- or medium-sized companies benefit from robotic automation in industries from the more obvious warehouses to the less obvious healthcare, security or financial technology. To illustrate, trading companies no longer need multiple analysts to be constantly monitoring every change in the number trends. Artifilial intelligence supported by machine learning (for example, forex robots) now automaticly analyse and predict the trends and make conditioned transactions in a matter of a split second.

Social Media Posting

In addition to the use of automation in trading, packaging and customer service, there are also a number of benefits to automating the social media posting process. Not only does this allow you to regulate the posts that are shared across a number of different platforms, but it also helps to free up time to complete other tasks. Whether you schedule this at the beginning of the workweek or at the end of the previous week, automated scheduling programs help to keep posting consistently without taking up too much time.


Another way that you can reduce the time to take up out of the workday is to automate the invoicing process. This will not only help you to monitor your spending, but it helps to recuse the need to expand your team. Whether you are paying vendors, or you are paying for a number of components to make a number of products, automating your invoicing process will help to keep a record of every outgoing process and removing the risk of human error when it comes to making payments. Though it can take time to streamline this process, you will see the benefits almost instantly when it comes to your records.


The final way that automating business processes can benefit a business is through an increase in productivity and timekeeping. Not only can a process such as this help to reduce monthly costs, but it can protect your business against lawsuits whilst streamlining operations. Though it can take time for employees to get used to the new timekeeping system this will help to keep your business to save money and prevent buddy punching and other inaccuracies occurring on a regular basis making this ideal for many.

With this in mind, the automation of a number of different elements of your business will not only help to improve efficiency, but it will also help to reduce the monthly running costs of your business. This is not only a benefit to small businesses, but it is a benefit for large corporations with a number of offices as this will help to simplify the payroll and ensure that your business is never spending more than it needs to in the long run.

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