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8 Boating Safety Tips that Will Keep You Safe

Written by Jimmy Rustling

You’ve got to admit that boating can be both a thrilling and frightening experience. The breeze as you cruise the water can be very calming and exhilarating. However, fear creeps in at the thought of the numerous things that could go wrong, from a failed motor to any other faulty parts that may cause the boat to capsize. Boating accidents are not uncommon. However, it would be best if you did not let that realization stop you from enjoying your boating experience.

Here are eight boating safety tips that will keep you safe and ensure you enjoy your experience fully.

Tips to Ensure Your Boating Safety

1. Never Drink and Boat

As obvious as this tip seems, many boaters disregard it all the time. It is not uncommon to find someone popping open a bottle of beer or a celebratory glass of wine while steering a boat. Despite the common disregard of this rule, it is one of the most important rules for boating safety. In some jurisdictions, you can be prosecuted for boating under the influence. This is because BUI is a threat to the lives of those around you.

2. Always Wear Your Life Jacket

Although you may find your life jacket rather uncomfortable, you should have it on at all times while on the boat. Wearing a life jacket will significantly increase your chances of survival if you fall overboard or the boat capsizes. Life jackets are particularly helpful if you are not a pro in swimming.

3. Obey All Boating Recommendations

To avoid any unnecessary risks that might jeopardize your boating experience, pay heed to all the boating rules and recommendations. This includes the set limit of passengers aboard. Do not overload your boat.

4. Thoroughly Prepare Ahead of Time

If you want to have a smooth boating experience, prepare for your cruise early enough. Ensure you have sufficient fuel to last you throughout the boating session until you dock again. You do not want to be stranded in the middle of the sea or river or even the ocean.

5. Learn Necessary Emergency Drills

Nothing ranks as high on the safety tip ranks as emergency preparedness. You will find it very helpful to learn all the necessary emergency drills you can. This will come in handy in an emergency and may help save a life or two.

6. Be Courteous to Other Boaters

When on the sea, you may want to be courteous to fellow boaters. Keep the recommended distance when you come across each other’s boats and maintain respectful interactions. Unnecessary confrontations while still on the boat could end in devastating results.

7. Check the Weather

Before setting off from the shore, you should find out what weather to expect. Will it be a fair day or a stormy one? Weather forecasts often get their predictions right, and this may come in handy while planning yourself for the boating experience.

However, unprecedented weather changes may occur when you least expect them to. If this happens, stop boating and get to the shoe as soon as you can.

8. Take Safety Courses

The best way to equip yourself for the safety risks you are bound to meet on the water is by taking boat safety courses. With the knowledge offered in these courses, you are likely to survive any accident that may occur in the water.

Hire a Lawyer Today

Despite your best efforts to follow all the boating regulations and staying as safe as possible, accidents may happen. Sometimes, they result from other boater’s negligence or the boat owner’s lack of vigilant maintenance.

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