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8 steps to begin your grow tent yield

Written by Jimmy Rustling

When you own a garden, you have many plants, trees, and shrubs planted for your yard. But you don’t control the weather, and the unanticipated weather changes end up destroying your little saplings.

With Grow tents, you can control the atmosphere around the saplings, and with it, you protect them from bad weather conditions. As a result, the harvest is obtained with the ideal conditioning of plants and produces the highest quality and free of harmful environmental factors like insects and dirt.

Here are some of the tips for you to start with your own grow tent yard under your living room:

  1. Check the quality of your grow tent: when you decide to invest in a grow tent, you are paying for the material, the durability, and the quality of the tent.
    1. Fabric density and strength: the highest density of fabric available is 1680D above, and the average density lies between 120D to 600D. The denser the fabric, the more resistant it is to noise and smell/odor. It also prevents airborne spores, pests, and diseases from migrating in the tent. It also stops light leaks and keeps the temperature and humidity stable.
    2. Quality of reflective material: Interior reflective walls are one of the bigges
    3. t advantages of grow-tent. But it differs from brand to brand: choose a brand with close to 100% reflective property and mylar based on structure. Prefer the diamond pattern to concentrate the reflection for higher yield.
    4. No gaping, Zipper quality, and rip resistance: Lastly, check the zipper if it slides easily and is unstuck throughout the length. The tent must be lightproof where no light escapes. Look for overlapping velcro flaps, zipper cover flaps to seal off corners and edges.
  2. Inside or outside: you decide the place you want to install your grow tent. If you are thinking of placing it inside the house, you have to reserve a spot. You cannot make do or adjust it anywhere. You have to empty a basement or any room for the purpose. But either way, the space available will be limited, and you will have to be careful about how you utilize it.
    1. Placing your Grow tent outside means the tent has to be extra sturdy and waterproof to withstand the weather forces, but you will have ample space to expand as you want. Of course, you also have to ventilate according to the season prevailing outside and the season needed inside your tent.
  3. Dialing In: when you buy a grow tent, you have only begun the process of indoor gardening. You have to build a setup to start planting and growing on a large scale. Establish a balance between light, heat, water, airflow, and humidity and adjust the equipment to equilibrium with the plant growth factor. Test the equipment before you set your plants in the environment.
    1. Fabric pots and trays: the porous walls allow the soil to breathe and prevent soil clogging due to overwatering. Also, invest in a tray to catch the runoff.
    2. Grow lights: increase your plant growth by implementing grow lights to encourage individual plant growth and fruiting.
    3. Timer: to put in place the day and night cycle, install a timer and place a light; the timer will turn on and off the light, similar to a day and night cycle.
    4. Rotating/oscillating fans: it provides circulation inside the tent. It will remove air and ensure a supply of fresh air. In addition, it will reduce mold occurrences and help grow vigorous plants.
    5. Inline fans: it ensures ventilation in the growing room. You need two openings or holes to ensure that air passes through the room—one for exhaling one for inhaling through fans.
  4. Space and size available for your grow tent: overcrowding your plants may seem like a clever idea to manifest more harvest, but you are negating your produce. Overcrowding leads to incomplete or partial nutrition of plants, less available resources, detrimental plant growth, and lesser crop. Also, refrain from uneven planting like growing tomatoes and cabbage in the same space. It will affect the size of the produce.
  5. Plan the plants: controlled environment means that you can adjust the weather conditions and allow optimum growth according to the growth potential. But you still have to plan the plants you want to grow. You have to copy the optimum growth conditions, fertilizers, and nutrient requirements. Research and make sure that you are not planting cross-weather plants in the same tent or on a large scale in the grow tent room. Know your plants before you plant them.
  6. Lights: the grow tents are little affected by the weather outside, as they are maintained by grow light installed. As necessary for the plants to receive light, you don’t want the lights to burn too hot to burn down the produce. The lights must reach each plant to nurture and enhance its growth.
  7. Ventilation: Ventilation will keep the room’s temperature and humidity under control and allow your plants to breathe.
    1. It is necessary to eliminate the odor and gases released by the plants during their cycle of day and night and supply fresh air, without which the plants’ may fall into a meek growing cycle.
    2. Also, the air supply in the grow tent allows you to inspect the plant’s quality and health.
    3. You need an extractor fan and an intake fan that replaces the CO2-depleted air with fresh air for plants. Typically two fans are placed on the opposite side of the room.
  8. Watering: Install an automatic watering system that supplies a sufficient amount of water to the plants. You can also go for a hydroponic system for growing plants. The soil-less system grows plants in a deionized solution with a maintained pH. It allows roots to have better access to the nutrients that are supplied through the solution. It stimulates growth.


Begin your Grow tent planting with these essential equipment and tips and tricks. You can then elevate your game by installing vertical plant produce for higher yield. Begin with easy vegetables and plants that are low maintenance and gradually move up the scale. You will be proud of what you yield.

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