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8 Things You Should Do Before the School Year Starts

School is important because it teaches students responsibility, empathy, attention to detail, resilience, and other abilities that they need for them to grow and build their characteristics. Schools help to improve children’s livelihoods by enhancing their social skills, contribute to social stability, promote child development, improve societies, and drive long-term economic development. Students who are not in school are more likely to get in danger and have bad records that lead them into trouble with the law and cause more problems in society.

Since the summer is ending soon and the start of the class is almost ahead, it is better to be prepared and ready on buying up notebooks, buying your new calendar, or even getting ready for subjects or styles of teaching that you’ve never experienced before. So we listed down the things that you will need to prepare before the opening of classes.

1.   Ready all your school accessories

Aside from your shoes, it is also a necessity to have a functional, accurate, and precise timepiece. It is good to have a wristwatch to serve as a time-teller and accessory. The Rolex Sky Dweller price starts at 40 US dollars, while a Cartier costs more than a hundred dollars. But it doesn’t matter if you have a luxury watch or a regular one. Just a typical wristwatch is enough for you to be on time in classes. Having a wristwatch will make sure that on the first day of classes, you can come on early. Keep in mind that students that come late to class, disrupt the flow of a lecture or discussion, distract other students, impede learning, and generally erode class morale.

A wristwatch can offer you more benefits in the long run. If you came to class early, it may serve as a good first impression. Tardiness causes students to feel disconnected from school, leading to bad behavior problems, suspensions, and more dropouts. Train yourself on coming early because it has many benefits such that when you already acquire a job or career, you will already have an established habit of being an early bird.

2.   Get your school bag ready

As you go to your class, always make sure that your bag is always prepared and clean to prevent unnecessary situations, just like forgetting important things that are a need in your class. Also, having a neat bag and organized materials helps you find your things more easily and has a clear mind. Having an organized bag also serves as a good first impression to your classmates.

3.   Buying new stationery

Before you go to your school, make sure you already have all the materials that you will be needing just like notebooks, pens, pencils, notepads, sticky notes, and other things that can also serve as your motivation for coming to school. For instance, having these things prepared and organized because you also don’t want to borrow a pen and ask for some paper from your classmate on the first day of school. Not only your teacher may scold you but also it serves as a bad impression from your classmate on not being prepared.

4.   Purchasing the books that you needed

It is also better to ask in advance all the books that you will need in your school. Having a copy of it before the start of school gives you more time on reviewing and having an advanced study on the topics that you will study. It also prevents a student from struggling on buying the book on the day of the class since you already have the books you needed. As you buy a new book, always put a name on it to prevent you from losing it. You can also save money on buying second-hand books but make sure you have the right edition of any textbooks: older editions may contain out-of-date information or they may have different page numbers.

5.   Get an advanced study on your new lessons

Having advanced knowledge of your lessons would give you more advantage and would help you easily understand and participate in the discussion well. And since you already read the syllabus, you can also make a schedule and notes that you will be studying within the year. Absorbing advanced information will help you mentally prepare for the new school year, as well as giving you an overview of what to expect so that nothing comes as a surprise once your subject and lessons start. It’s always a good idea to get a clear picture of the bigger picture for each of your subjects so that you can see how and where each specific topic fits in.

6.   Start adjusting your sleep schedule

Having a proper sleep before you go to school makes you more focused and energized, so it’s better to fix your body clock, especially when your schedule at your school is the entire day. That would be extremely tiring for you. You should prepare your body and your mind because school may be stressful but it can also be exciting so make sure you have enough energy so that you would enjoy your whole year without missing memories and chances.

7.   Prepare your home working space

You may also need to clean your room before you start your classes so that it will relax your mind and help you improve your mood as you do different tasks and assignments. Having a good and clean environment allows you to reduce your stress level and makes you think more clearly, unlike working in a dirty environment.

8.   Relax yourself

Summer may end soon but do not be pressured and just enjoy the remaining time and relax your mind and self. Go see your friends, watch the movies and series you need to watch because schools can be tiring but make sure you are ready and prepared. The happy memories from your summer day vacation may be near but make the most time with your friends while you can.


It might make you feel nervous before the school year starts. To lessen that feeling, you might want to start preparing the things that you will be needing as early as now. Also, do not forget to relax and enjoy the last days of summer vacation with your family. We hope that through the list that we have laid out for you here, you will feel less tense in facing this year’s school year. So what are you waiting for? Go pack your things up!

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