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A Close Look at the Different Kinds of Refuse Collection Vehicles You Can Use

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Refuse collection vehicles come in different kinds, as there are standard front-loading vehicles, rear-loading vehicles, automated side loaders or ASLs, pneumatic collection vehicles, grapple trucks, and so on. All these choices can actually be quite daunting as you have to choose the best kind of vehicle for your requirements, and each vehicle has its own purpose and functionality as well. So if you are on a quest for the right refuse collection vehicle, here’s a close look at the different kinds you can use.

1. Front loaders

Front loaders are probably the most common type of RCV or refuse collection vehicle, and you will most often see them in industrial sites. Front loaders are equipped with big containers that come with sealed plastic lids, and they also come with automated forks. These automated forks are found at the front of the vehicle and can be operated by a driver who will align the fork so sleeves can be placed on the container. Once the garbage or rubbish is placed in the container, it will get compacted with a packer blade, and the blade will push the container’s contents into the truck’s rear.

2. Rear loaders

Rear loaders are mostly found in residential districts or areas, and the loader’s rear is equipped with an opening which will then allow the collector to throw the bags inside the container. Another way to load rear loaders is with the use of wires or chains to strap as well as lift hollows on the truck’s rear portion. Rear loaders can also compress waste, and the compression is achieved with the use of a special system called a sweep and slide system, where the refuse is compressed whilst pushing against the loader’s front wall.

3. Automated side loaders

Automated side loaders, or ASLs, are specifically designed to pick up MGBs or mobile garbage bins, and automated side loaders can pick up bins which range in size from 80 up to 240 litres, sometimes even 360 litres. An automated side loader is often found in a residential area, and it can conveniently collect garbage from homes and residences under the management of the local government. Unlike other loaders, an automated side loader doesn’t require multiple operators; it can be operated by a single person, as confirmed by CP Davidson, specialists in refuse vehicles for sale.

4. Pneumatic collection RCVs

A pneumatic collection vehicle is equipped with a built-in crane which is then used with a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece fits into a hole concealed underneath a plate on the street. This kind of vehicle and its system are capable of collecting or sucking up refuse or waste from underground installations. The good aspect of pneumatic collection vehicles and systems is that it allows waste to be collected even when normal access is impossible due to various hurdles.

5. Grapple lorries or trucks

Grapple lorries or trucks are used for large waste volumes, especially if the waste is solid and virtually impossible or difficult to collect by hand.


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