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A guide to choose the best antivirus for windows

Written by Jimmy Rustling

For protection against internet threats such as malware, phishing, ransomware, etc., you need potent antivirus software. It is a must-have to block any cyberthreats from entering your devices and prevent compromising your data or hardware. Hence, it is essential to choose the right antivirus software designed for your operating system as not all anti-virus software are created equal.

While choosing which antivirus is the best for your Windows OS, pay attention that the software should have a high detection and block rate. At the same time, it should not slow down your system. Resources like Total AV reviews can prove to be helpful in your selection.

If you search for anti-virus for your Windows OS, this guide will help you select the best one.

1. Protection from Malware

The best antivirus should have the features that meet your security needs. Using a Windows OS, the most popular operating system makes it the most vulnerable to malware and viruses. A good anti-virus system can prevent malicious hackers from exploiting your OS.

While selecting the anti-virus software for Windows, you must check the database of known malware compiled by anti-virus companies and choose the software with a higher malware protection Rate.

2. Automatic Updates

This is a crucial feature to look for when choosing the best antivirus software for Windows operating systems. New cyber threats are evolving, and with updates, your OS will also get protection from the newest threats. The software must provide regular automatic updates several times a day.

3. Real-Time Prevention And Malware Removal

To use your device worry-free, real-time prevention and malware removal are some features you can’t ignore.

With real-time protection, the software is always running in the background, scanning, and processing to stop viruses from attacking your device when accessing any platform or application. It is best to avoid choosing antivirus software that offers removal and does not have any preventative features.

4. Impact on Computer’s Performance

It would help if you also regarded the impact of the software on your computer’s performance. As the anti-virus will be working in the background, it must not slow down your system’s speed and should be capable of scanning viruses during a variety of tasks. It should also not take more booting time and scan your computer rapidly and efficiently.

5. Easy to use

Easy to use and navigate software can make your work easier. Hence, it is another important feature to consider while choosing the best antivirus software for Windows. The design of the software should make it easy to understand and navigate by all users. Ensure that it is also compatible with your operating system’s configuration. With a simple user interface, you will be able to determine if threats have been detected and removed quickly.

6. Complete Protection

Any good antivirus should also have robust security features, including firewall protection, ransomware, VPN protection, and more. This will protect your device against trojans, rootkits, spyware, adware, ransomware, and worms.

Choose an antivirus that comes with several other security features to provide all-inclusive protection, giving your device protection from all sorts of threats. Check out resources like Total AV reviews to know more about these features.

7. Offers 24/7 Support

Easy access to support is a must before deciding on the anti-virus product. A broad range of support options such as email, 24/7 phone support, or a live chat to address your issues with the product is much needed.

Check out the reviews of leading software systems and choose ones that have received good feedback for the support options they provide to the customers.

8. Additional Tools

Anti-virus software that comes bundled with security-oriented additional tools is worth your money. They should be tools that are different from those found in Windows. Password manager and VPN Internet Security are some of the additional tools to look out for.

9. Price

Price is one of the aspects you need to consider while choosing antivirus software. To keep your computer secure, opt for the one that offers you the best protection yet is easy on the pocket. Ultimately, it will come down to your preferences, whether you want to opt for free or paid antivirus.

10. User Reviews

Read the user reviews which will help you figure out which is the best antivirus software for you. Go through 3rd party independent antivirus testing sites where you will know which antivirus is best at blocking and eliminating malware.

Identify an anti-virus software that meets the above criteria giving you top-level security. Most anti-virus programs come with a free trial testing period which provides you with the convenience to decide whether you want to use it or not.

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