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Vintages watches are among the growing trends for people who are fond of collecting vintage items. People who look at watches beyond the mere devices that let you tell time agree with the fact that the value of vintage chronograph watches is justified. Moreover, for people who would want to own a watch that is unique and has a story of its own, buying a vintage watch can be the perfect choice.

Many times, you would find vintage watches sold at auctions. It’s true that these watches come at a high price, but knowing that each watch has a story to tell, a person who has an eye for history wouldn’t mind spending so much. Vintage watches are anywhere between 30 to 50 years old. They are designed for very specific reasons, especially when we talk about the old days.

Craftsmen would have carefully and meticulously make watches for military service, doctors, divers, pilots, etc. These watches have a history, and for people who love history, it’s like owning a part of the past and feeling connected to the times when the watch would have been designed.


Today, you find so many new trends in watches. Whatever trends take shape soon evolve or completely go out fashion. In the day and age of constant change, the only thing that still stands strong despite upcoming new trends is vintage fashion. Similarly, in watches as well, vintage timepieces are still very much in vogue.

Not a lot of brands give importance to handmade watches anymore. What’s more important for the recent watch industry is mostly profit and mass sales. This drives them to make watches industrially and sell a thousand similar watches. Vintage watches are handmade and thus, have a very unique element about them. Each watch is created with dedication, and each part of the watch is put together with the hands of the watchmaker. This in itself adds to the value of the watch. Additionally, when you wear a vintage watch, you know you’re wearing a watch that is one of its kind.

It’s also a fact that vintage watches pass the test of the time and last for quite a while. They are amazing when it comes to quality and would beat a mediocre watch in those terms any day. So, vintage watches are still highly in demand for quality reasons. Furthermore, the price of a vintage watch only keeps on increasing. You will hardly come across a watch that depreciates in its value if it’s a vintage watch. Therefore, you can even consider vintage watches as a great investment. Whether you keep it in your locker or wear it on your wrist proudly, it’s definitely worth the money.


When it comes to custom-made watches, UNDONE is one of the best brands. It has some of the best watch straps in its collection, and what’s more, a buyer can even customize the watch based on how they would want it to look like. Out of a wide range of watches that you would find on their website, if you love vintage chronograph watches, you would want to know about the Killy Urban Vintage Chronograph.


UNDONE’s Killy Urban Vintage watch is an overall white colored timepiece with a beautiful vintage dial. The dial gives off a complete vintage look since it has movements and hour markings that resemble that of a sailor’s compass. The strap of the watch is grey in color, and the hands of the watch are blue. Since the dial is off-white and the strap is greyish, it creates a nice combination. This watch can be a great addition to your collection.


This one is a variation of the UNDONE’s Urban Vintage Killy, but it’s a smaller and lighter timepiece as compared to the other one. This one has an orange strap, and the dial is similar to that of Urban Vintage Killy. Another element that is different about this one is that the hands of the watch are white in color. For people who would rather want to wear a vintage watch that feels light on the wrist, this one is a better choice as compared to Urban Vintage Killy.

Both Urban Vintage chronograph watches by UNDONE can be customized to your heart’s content. If you love the vintage dial of the watch but don’t like the strap, you can always choose to modify and select from the wide range of options that UNDONE provides you.

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