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Amazing Benefits of Buying Variable Speed Pool Pumps

The pool is an essential aspect of your home. It provides your house with an appropriate look and raises the value of your property. As such, you must have all the pool features in suitable condition, especially the pumps. There are different kinds of pool pumps in the market. Variable pool pumps have been the latest trend of most preferred pool choices among many homeowners. They are designed with qualities that provide the homeowner with many benefits. Here are some of those benefits you stand to enjoy when you install this feature in your pool.

Saving Energy and Money

One of the enormous benefits that make this pump preferred by many people is saving energy. The pump has a variable portion capable of lowering the RPMs that will make the pump consume less energy than usual. When the consumption of your power energy goes down, the money in your wallet will rise. Common misconceptions people have is that the more power used, the better. However, this is far from the truth when you consider pool pumps. A variable speed pool pump will consume less energy and handle the work efficiently, saving you money on energy bills.

Better Filtration System

Rather than buying an oversized pool pump for better efficiency at filtering the water, consider checking the filtration system and buy one with a quality system. Variable speed pumps can push water through the filtration pipes at a slower rate. Also, the lines are small in diameter, ensuring the water flows efficiently. The slow flow of water is a better way to get all of the debris, particles, and other dirt in the water filtered out. The filtration is made more efficient because the pumps have narrow pipes. Buying a variable speed pool pump will ensure the water in your pool is efficiently clean at all times.

Less Noisy

A variable speed pool pump is less quiet than other pool pumps. At full RPM, a variable speed pump can be noisy. However, the pumps have features that make it necessary to use low power and run at a low speed. As such, they are efficient in minimizing the amount of noise produced from their operation. The less noise produced by the pump is convenient for neighbors and household members, especially if the rooms are adjacent to the pump.

Flexible Programming

Proper programming is necessary for the pump to operate efficiently. The pump is easily installed in your pool’s automation system, which the inbuilt drive of your unit will control. These systems have user-friendly interfaces, making it easy for you to manage your pump. Some of the features of these systems are interlocks, freeze protection, and mobile remote control.


It is less stressful buying a variable speed pump because they come with extended warranties. Most of these pumps come with warranties of up to three years compared to regular pumps, with a standard warranty of one year. Since variable speed pumps are efficient at saving energy, the amount of money saved on bills can easily cover installing the pump before the warranty is over.

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