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Best Hobbies for a Slow Commute

Do you seem to spend your mornings sat doing nothing on a bus or train? Slow or long commutes can feel like wasted time.

While some people are happy to grab some extra shuteye or let their minds wander, there are others who would rather focus on something to make the time pass. Here are some of the activities you could try on your daily commute.

Listen to a Podcast

If you don’t feel like listening to some music on your journey, why not think about a podcast? There are more podcasts than you could ever imagine. No matter what your tastes might be, you will be able to find a podcast to suit you.

Do you want to catch up on current affairs? There are countless politics podcasts for you to listen to whether you want to focus on a specific affair or get a more general affair.

If you have a love of true crime, you can also find many podcasts to tell you about some of the best cases both famous and unknown.

You can also find plenty of chill podcasts where people just discuss things with their friends. No matter what you think you will like, there will definitely be a podcast for you to look at.

Play Games

Mobile games have taken a giant leap forward in recent years. Whether you want a quick spin of a slot from NetBet UK or you want to attempt a new puzzle for an app, you will find lots of options for you.

You also have a great decision to make about whether you want something easy which will pass the time or you would like a challenge. You can even find colouring apps for something truly peaceful.

Time management game apps are going to be great for anyone on commutes. There are many games which have a “cool down” period when you complete actions within the game. Set up several processes on your morning commute and then follow up on your return trip.


Whether you are an aspiring author or poet, the morning commute can provide you with the perfect opportunity to grab an hour to write.

Busy lives can leave us thinking that we have no time to write. However, making time like this will give you the opportunity to get something down.

Try to work out which writing medium is better. Some people prefer to still write on pen and paper. A cheap journalist’s notepad and a biro might be all you need. If you don’t want to carry anything extra, look into word processing apps for your smartphone so you can type as you go.

A dull commute can feel like the worst part of your day. However, if you can find something to do on the day, you will find that your journey might sneak past a little faster.

Whether you want to push yourself creatively or just want something to take your mind off the day’s work ahead of you, there is going to be something you can do to brighten your commute.

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