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Best Serviced Apartment Amenities

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Serviced apartments are in great demand especially since people realized that they offer a better living experience than hotels do. The major difference between a hotel and a serviced apartment is that hotel rooms are primarily used for sleeping while serviced apartments are designed to be lived in.

If you are looking for a serviced apartment to help make your next long-term stay in a new city more enjoyable, read on to find out what to look out for.


What Is A Serviced Apartment?

A serviced apartment is a fully furnished property that offers the same services as a hotel, such as room service and laundry services. The key benefit is that you can rent it for a set period of time and have the use of a full apartment, rather than just a bedroom. Reputable companies like Blueground offer quality serviced apartments in cities around the world. The firm’s properties, such as these apartments in Washington, feature contemporary furnishings and cutting-edge amenities, so guests get all the comfort of a luxury hotel with all the facilities of an apartment.


One of the biggest draws of serviced apartments is the freedom they afford those staying in them. Security is, therefore, very important. Because of this, most serviced apartments have 24-hour CCTV coverage.

Kitchen Facilities

A lot of people underestimate just how freeing having a personal kitchen is. It is especially important if you have dietary restrictions or do not like ordering from fast food joints. Good kitchen facilities make it worthwhile for those looking to stay in a serviced apartment for a longer period. A fully-equipped kitchen with a cooker, fridge, dishwasher and more allows you to cook whatever you want, whenever you want without any restrictions.

Gym and Extra Facilities

Some serviced apartments offer extra facilities such as a gym or swimming pool to its tenants. The convenience and proximity of a gym ensures that it is always available to you and that you never have to pay for a gym membership as long as you rent the apartment. A gym that is in the same building that you are staying at cuts the amount of time you commute to and from the gym and allows you to set your own training schedule.

Concierge Services

This is a bespoke service that is, unfortunately, available from just a handful of serviced apartment providers. The concierge service assists guests with their travel arrangements, social commitments, and more. They can also arrange for transport between different hubs of the city you are saying in, telling you where the best restaurants are and helping you add some fun items to your itinerary.

Furnishing and Fixtures

Serviced apartments come fully furnished. Because of this, these apartments are much more attractive especially to those considering longer stays

Those who love living in comfortable spaces will also appreciate the fixtures added in by serviced apartment providers. Simple things as designer lighting fixtures give these apartments the ambiance and personality that makes living in them a very enjoyable experience.

Customized Living Experience

Companies that provide serviced apartments usually have different apartments spread throughout different cities. This gives you exceptional choice when deciding on the best location. Because of this, you can choose a customized living situation. Also, some providers let you transfer your lease to a different apartment if you feel like the one you are staying in is not quite right.

A Doorman

A doorman provides so many different services, most of them hidden. Because most serviced apartments are meant to be lived in, some companies provide doormen who do such things as greet you when you come in or go out, deliver your mail and packages, and can sometimes deliver food to your apartment if you do not feel like cooking. Although most doormen choose to remain behind the scenes, the little things they do can help make the serviced apartments feel like home.

Air Conditioning

It is during those freezing or sweltering nights that we appreciate our air conditioners. Serviced apartments that come with air conditioners are a godsend.

Office Space

If you are a businessman who needs to handle some business at home, you will appreciate the provision of some space from where you can do some work. An office space is also a hugely important amenity for remote workers and those who choose to live as a digital nomad.

On-going Support

Sometimes we need help with something. Maybe we have a question or would like some information. Serviced apartments, in order to make themselves more attractive, have started providing on-going support. Things such as queries about the features of the apartments, how to operate the washer or when to schedule a clean are all now handled though the support platforms offered by the serviced apartment providers.


We have come a very long way from the days when people used to book hotel rooms when traveling. Now those who need space, privacy and a space that feels like home opt for serviced apartments. Above everything else, it is all the extras and amenities that attract people to serviced apartments. As more and more serviced apartments come up, competition will increase, which means tenants can expect even more amenities in the future.

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