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Buying the Right Floor Lamps

Written by Jimmy Rustling

If you are a lamp lover, then I am sure you find yourself browsing or buying floor lamps online. They are the perfect accent for any room. They are also great for additional lighting when ceiling lights are not bright enough.

There are so many different styles and color ranges of floor lamps. These include torch ales, tree lamps, swing arm floor lamps, and rustic floor lamps. But which lamp do you buy? There are so many options. Here are some essential things to consider:

Lighting Matters

Perhaps the most important thing is to choose a floor lamp based on the type of lighting you need for your room. Look at the three primary levels of light that determine: atmosphere, task, and accent:

  • You probably need warm ambient lighting that can provide a variety of shaded floor lamps.
  • You may want to illuminate your reading chair with direct lighting. In that case, an arched reading light is ideal. Or it could be a torch ale to liven up the corners and add accent lights.
  • The style of light emitted by the floor lamps should also affect its placement, so make sure you have the right piece for your space.

Here are five lighting types of lighting that are important when buying floor lamps online:

  1. Accent lighting (also known as focal lighting): This type of light is used to create an atmosphere or draw attention to a particular object or side of a house’s architecture or landscape. There may be specific sculptures or artwork that you want to emphasize. Maybe it’s antique porcelain furniture or Zen garden bonsai. Some accent lights focus the light precisely on what you want to celebrate indoors or outdoors visually. Other accent lights set the mood and tone with warm or cool colors, depending on the mood you want to create.
  2. Ambient Lighting: This type of lighting is often referred to as “general lighting” and is intended to provide uniform general lighting to the room. Usually, we think of turning on the light switch as we enter space. Ambient lights are often ceiling or wall lights, but they can also be portable or wall lights.
  3. Decorative lighting: This lighting is for providing an aesthetic look. Think of it as architectural jewel-decorative lighting that attracts attention and reflects personal style and well-being. These lights usually do not emit well and add less to general lighting.
  4. Natural lighting: This type of lighting naturally occurs during the day. It creates an authentic look that is not dim, but not bright wither. It is said that this type of lighting can influence positive attitudes, and reducing stress can have positive psychological and emotional effects.
  5. Task Lighting: This type of lighting can be considered specific lighting for performing a particular task. For example, reading in the living room, paperwork in the home office, and preparing meals at the kitchen counter are all activities that benefit from increased brightness from activity lighting.

What is Your Style

The general styles of a floor lamp can be simple but can come in many decorative looks. Remember, any you choose should have a sturdy base that sits firmly on the floor. Do you want the base and body to have designs or have a solid look? Do you want multiple bulb options or a single one?

From furniture, rugs, accents to lighting, you have many decisions to consider when buying floor lamps online—everything from design styles, colors, and textures to prices and much more. Decorating your apartment or home is exciting enough, so why not take some of the challenges from it. The selection of a floor lamp is crucial because it creates not just the ambiance in the space you put, but the right lighting as well. Plus, the wrong choice can ruin the look you seek (which is something you don’t want to do).

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