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California Dreaming of Financial Independence

When you move to California, you will be stunned by the amazing scenery, the ocean views, the mountains, skiing, and hopefully even some celebrity sightings. You may move to California with the best of intentions, but you will soon realize that the cost of living in the state is very high. While you don’t need to make 6-figures to make it in California, there are some ways you can make supplemental income to help ends meet. Here are some tips to help you make your way to financial planning independence in the Golden State.

Uber Driver

One way to make extra cash is to drive for Uber or another rideshare service on the weekends. You can turn on the app early on Saturday and Sunday and drive people all over town, then turn off the app when you are ready to stop work and go out at night. If you do not want to go out on the weekends, you can pick up more Uber fares throughout the weekend. This is a fast way to make money, and you can do this in your free time without interfering with your primary job.

Rent Rooms on Airbnb

If you have extra space in your house, renting a room out on Airbnb is a great option to boost your finances. Consider renting the room over your garage if you do not have any kids living with you. You might rent a room to vacationers who are coming through the area, or you may keep the first condo you bought when you moved to California and rent it in its entirety. Airbnb renters can pay your mortgage after renting for just a few days, and you can make a bit of extra money every month.


You might choose to invest, and you can use an app to make simple investments and trades during the day. You could hire a broker who will tell you how to invest your money, or you might invest in something simple like cryptocurrency. Your choices should be conservative because you are not necessarily trying to make a full-time income from investing. You are saving for the future, and you are creating a small nest egg that you can fall back on from time to time.


If you have a website you are looking to monetize or simply share with the world, starting a blog is one way to bring readers to your website. You may want to invest in ads that people will clock on when they come to your site, or you could create a YouTube channel that monetizes itself with ads between videos. If you want to be more creative, you can copy a video style that other people use. For example, little kids like to watch videos of people opening surprise toy bags. Blogging could turn into a full-time career if you have a large group of followers, or you might become an influencer who is paid to post ads for companies on social media.

Electric Scooter Charging

People use scooters in many big California cities to get around. Industrious people have taken to collecting these shared rental scooters in order to charge them. Depending on the company you can make up to $7 per charged scooter. Although there is competition, it is an easy job that requires little more than time and electricity (a truck helps if you get up early enough to pick up many scooters!). This is one reason that makes scooter charging a good option for a side hustle.

Take A Part-Time Job In Property Management

Part-time property management can help you earn extra money or even save money on discounted rent. Make sure to put that extra savings in the bank so you are not tempted to spend it, and that you are prepared when an emergency arises. If something tragic happens like an unexpected medical or family emergency while you are still building your savings, there are installment loans for California residents that may be available as a short-term option.


The best part of this plan is that you can use as many of these tips as you like. You can move to California, be financially independent, and never need to worry about money. Plus, you can save for the future, protect your savings during an emergency, and create income that also helps the people around you. Do not be afraid to try several of these tips at once as you create a small cottage industry around your home and family.

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