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Teaching children world affairs

Confusion is one of the emotions a child would carry with them as they want the adults in the room passionately go back and forth after a news item. For them, it is almost scary especially when the conversation turns into an all-out argument. They will remember the words and associate the faces of the people being discussed, but they would wonder, “What have they done to upset everyone?”

Those hoping to find tips about how to rope in children into world affairs the primary advice is one; don’t. Politics and other news items are typically about what adults had done and how their decisions affect the populations. Children ought not to get burdened with what is taking place in the media. Their curious minds are still not at a state to have the ability to process news productively.

What it could do to them

Studies show that watching the news is bad for you; mentally, psychologically and physically. They even recommended not reading it entirely if you are to be happy. For some, that wouldn’t be a viable solution. Learning about a car accident lawyer Vancouver firm when it doesn’t impact your life is not helpful. Thus, people get advised to consume media wisely and in bite-sizes. If that’s what it does to adults, consider what it does to children.

That said there is an equal and opposite reaction to shielding them, and that is anxiety. The instinct to protect kids is natural, and ought to get upheld. However, parents by now appreciate that in the era of social media, children do have access to current affairs. They won’t understand, and thus their guardians become their trusted guides to navigate information consumed. Silence here will only leave them to make their conclusions. If what news does to us is anything to go by, they will form a negative opinion that will then warp their life.

Need for honest conversations

Therefore, instead, when children approach us for a breakdown of the news, we ought to explain it in a manner that largely shields them from the anxieties the truths brings. The purpose is not to censor, but rather explain hard concepts in a palatable way. Movies such as Coco have made it a world easier to explain death, something removed from how adults typically tiptoe around hard topics.

Indeed, parents should not aim to unnecessarily rope in children into current affairs. They ought to only do so when something happening directly affects the child and awareness would bring positive behavioral change or understanding. Otherwise, conversations about the globe ought to take place upon the child’s initiation. Most of all, acknowledge to them that your opinion is your own. Aim to relay facts and give opposing views. As they become knowledgeable, they also learn analytical skills early enough.

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