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Don’t Just Write Good Content, Share It Too

By now anyone even thinking about digital marketing or SEO consultant services for their business will know the importance of good quality content so the first challenge is to write something that will stand out from the crowd. And the internet is a very crowded space when it comes to content so you need to produce something special.

Millions of blog posts alone are published every day before we even start to look at other forms of content. So just how can you get your content in front of the right readers?

Whatever you do, don’t ever think that good internet marketing is just about posting your wonderfully crafted, highly engaging blog post on your own website – chances are very few people will read it let alone engage with it by commenting.

The Importance of Sharing Content

One of the best ways of getting more eyes in front of your content is to make use of content sharing platforms, and also share on the websites of professional bodies in your industry or with well-known subject-matter experts.

This type of sharing is something quite different from the guest blogging familiar to those involved in search engine optimisation. You are not after a dofollow link here with SEO value to increase the rankings of your website but instead looking for real people to read your content.

Of course, useful sharing platforms will vary by industry and certain sites will be better or worse for different industries so try taking a look at what your large competitors are doing. Hopefully, they will have done the research on the best places to share and save you some time.

But if you need to know some good places to start right now – take a look at these useful sharing platforms.

Places To Share Your Content


Republish your existing blog posts here by using their import feature or write a teaser linking to your full blog post if it is very long to drive traffic to your website. An added bonus with Medium is that sometimes popular, high-quality content will result in a dofollow link, which will add organic search value to help boost your website’s rankings. But these links are few and far between so don’t post there with any expectations of a SEO boost – rather see it as a bonus if it does happen.


If you already have an existing network on LinkedIn consider writing some content just for LinkedIn but also share the posts on your own website.

Twitter Chats

Search for Twitter Chats related to your industry niche and share your content on those that are appropriate with the commonly used hashtags in your industry.


It’s always worthwhile re-purposing your very best blog posts so why not consider making it a PowerPoint presentation – after all you already have the text you simply need to summarise it and add some graphics. There is potential with SlideShare to reach another segment of online readers who may not find your content elsewhere.


Again, think about repurposing your best content by making it into a YouTube video. You don’t even have to face the camera if you don’t want to as it’s easy to make an animated video with your own voice-over.

Final Thoughts

Remember that any content you share, whatever the platform and whatever the medium this isn’t the time or place to be promotional. Engage with the community, build online relationships and the visits and engagement will come.

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