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Foreign Language Subtitles – Extend The Reach Of Training Videos

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Boost the confidence and ability of your workforce with foreign language subtitles on your training videos.

90% of enterprises use training videos to train employees. Great training videos really are invaluable to your employees. They make it easy to learn new skills and information, helping them to feel comfortable in the workspace you have created. That is, assuming that your videos can be properly understood by all of your employees. For bilingual workers, is a one-language video going to communicate the message clearly enough? Could certain information be lost in translation, causing confusion among employees?

Adding foreign language video subtitles to your training videos can remove this potential for confusion, ensuring that the basis of learning is able to go further and be much more effective. Employees are able to fully understand the messages of the videos, enabling you to better train individuals and nurture a more confident workforce.

Boosting Talent Acquisition

Utilising subtitles in your training videos lets potential candidates, and new employees know that your company understands the importance of communication. The professionalism of a subtitled training video speaks volumes about your desire as a business to care for the needs of all your employees. This in turn, boosts your businesses ability to attract the best candidates to work for you.

Clarifying Important Messages

Keeping employees safe will always be the most important part of a business, and for that reason health and safety information must be communicated clearly.

Ensuring essential details are clear with both visual, audio and subtitled cues ensures that employees will fully absorb the health and safety messages they are given. This will promote better safety within the entire workforce, reducing the chance of your employees being one of the 581,000 a year injured at work  every single year in the UK alone.

Keeping The Same Company Message Worldwide

If your business operates in multiple countries and locations worldwide, consistency is vital when it comes to training. Using subtitles for training videos sent across the entire company ensures that there is no compromise on your message, everybody receives an effective training video regardless of language or country.

Improving Remote Workforce Reach

The number of people who work from home has increased by 140% since 2005. Businesses who want to future-proof their workforce know that they need to accommodate employees who are able to work from home. Training videos that are subtitled enable you to easily provide the right instructions and messages to your workforce, wherever they are based.

Using A Professional Subtitling Company Can Boost The Effectiveness Of Your Training

If you are considering adding subtitles to your training videos, make sure you source a professional subtitling company with experience in this area. Productivity, efficiency, morale and safety can all be boosted with effective training videos. However, the subtitles have to be correct, localised and used in context.

Only a subtitle service with extensive experience can ensure meaning is properly conveyed using localised language.

With professional subtitling services, you’ll boost the effectiveness and communication of your training videos for a much stronger business overall.

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