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Gorgeously Beautiful Strawberry Blonde to Greet the New Season With

It is hard to point out why so many women all over the globe choose blonde as their favorite hair shade. Even natural brunettes sacrifice that gorgeous dark beauty of their hair to become elegant and sassy blondes. So, what we are going to do is to emphasize the fact that the times have changed, and the variety of blonde hair variations grow by the day.

Recently, LoveHairStyles suggested that strawberry blonde is the newest hit that all blondes and not only should consider. Such a claim was quite intriguing, so that we chose to check the issue out. The facts that we came with turned out to be pleasantly surprising. So, what we are going to do is to share the info with you, who knows maybe you will rush to your hairstylists to dye your hair strawberry the minute you are through with the article!

Strawberry Blonde – What Is It?

It is clearly not enough to state that strawberry blondes are the trendiest blondes at the moment. Besides, strawberry blonde shade is clearly not the recent invention. The truth is that many Hollywood celebrities sported the shade long before it gained its prime. In case you need a more vivid example, then it is safe to say that Amy Adams and Nicole Kidman are the beautiful ladies who wore the shade with taste and style.

To put it simply, strawberry blonde is one of those hues that are equally appreciated by both blondes and redheads. However, the shade is not inclined to either hair color. It is rather that beautiful middle of both. Besides, these days a solid strawberry blonde is not the only option to consider. All sorts of balayage, ombre, highlights, and other styles incorporate the color more than successfully.

Would Strawberry Blonde Suit You?

If you have tried experimenting with a couple of different hues over the years, you may know that not all the shades are destined to suit all people equally. Luckily, with strawberry blonde, things get a little simpler since there are lighter and darker shades to play around with to adapt them to your complexion, style, and personal preferences.

To begin with, you need to realize that when it comes to a natural occurrence, such shade is extremely rare, and if it is natural, it is usually paired with fair complexions. Classy strawberry blonde locks will suit those with warm skin tones, while a skillful hairstylist can easily come up with a cooler tone as well. Besides, darker strawberries fit tanned complexions perfectly. So, to sum it up, it is safe to say that anyone can sport a well-fitted strawberry blonde and that is a great advantage of this particular blonde hue, don’t you think?

The Fashionable Strawberry Blonde Looks To Consider

Gorgeous Strawberry Blonde with Pink Undertone

Sometimes highlighting or ombre is not your cup of tea, but your desire for a trendy color is too strong to resist temptation. That is when a strawberry blonde with a light pink undertone to it comes in. The fact is that the hair looks insanely natural no matter the pinkish vibes. A word of advice – ladies with long thick hair would gain the most from such hair color. Light layering will bring out the hue better than anything else.

Strawberry Blonde With Pastel Pink Highlights

Dramatic look change always requires a hairstyle change, we all know that. However, when you do not wish to cut your locks off, the only thing to opt for is hair dye. While natural strawberry blonde may have a little too mild an effect, the color spiced up with pink highlights certainly deserves your attention. Add some light waves to your locks, and the change will be noticeable from a mile away!

Cotton Candy Balayage Over Strawberry Blonde Waves

When the sun comes out, all you may want is to trap it in your hair so that no one can pass by without noticing it. However, you may also want to maintain that natural vibe that your work dress code requires, and that is when a compromise is more than necessary. If you ask us, we would say that a strawberry blonde is natural enough to pass any dress code requirements, while cotton candy balayage is strong enough to trap those sun rays in your hair when you step out of the office.

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