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How to build calves muscles and not make them too big?

Full calves are the main enemy of beautiful legs. This problem happens not only in overweight girls. Plump calves can also spoil quite slender legs, creating the effect of curvature. That is why many people want to know what exercises to lose calf legs.

First, find out what affects the completeness of this part of the body:

  • Heredity. Massive calves can be obtained from dad and mom. In this case, getting rid of them will be extremely difficult, since this is a problem at the genetic level.
  • Overweight. The most obvious reason. Fat surpluses are deposited in different parts of the body, including the calves.
  • Intense training. When the muscles of the back surface of the lower leg are constantly experiencing power loads, they increase in volume and look large.
  • Vascular disease. Caviar can become full due to swelling caused by certain diseases. In this case, you should consult a doctor.

The first factors can be influenced through training. The main thing is the right attitude, regularity and lack of laziness.

How to get bigger calves: toe raises, step exercises

The calf exercises for girls should be combined to give positive changes. Cardio training is recommended, which contributes to the overall weight loss of the body, and therefore calves, as well as local exercises boldeprime to stimulate blood circulation.

Important! For the period of classes (and preferably forever), you need to change the diet. If you continue to consume high-calorie foods, then there will be no effect – training will go to zero.

You can perform exercises for calf at home. If you follow the correct technique and do it all the time, it will be no less effective than when you visit the gym.

  • Toe raises. A simple and effective exercise that is suitable as a workout. How to do:
    • stretch your arms forward and rest your hands on the wall. She will serve as a support;
    • rise and fall on toes, while transferring body weight to them.

At the same time, you need to keep your head and back straight, otherwise, the necessary muscles do not receive loads.

  • Exercises with a step. You can buy a platform for such training in any sports store or replace it with any solid and stable hill (height not more than 15 cm).

Examples of exercises:

№ 1. Stand on the step with one foot and transfer weight to it. Raise the other leg as high as possible, approximately to the level of the chest, then put it on the platform. Return to the original by executing the element in the reverse order.

No. 2. Rhythmically climb the platform and descend from it. It’s better to do it with music to set the pace.

Do not do too many strength exercises, otherwise, just overpump calves. Exercises should be easy, and they need to be done in several approaches.

What else can help to build calf without calf raise machine

Exercises will be most effective when combined with other calf-friendly procedures.

  • Cold and hot shower. Alternately dousing the feet with cold and hot water helps to achieve the desired result.
  • Massage. Massage with special warming creams, including anti-cellulite, also helps to significantly reduce the volume of the back of the lower leg.

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