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How Can You Find the Latest Bank Jobs Online?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The banking sector employs a large chunk of Indians. There are 12 public sector banks, 22 private sector, 56 regional rural banks, 1,485 urban cooperative banks, and 96,000 rural cooperative banks as per IBEF. Therefore, there are also 46 foreign banks operating in the country.

If you’re one of the millions of aspirants applying for banking jobs, then you need to know when and how to find the latest bank jobs. In this article, you’ll learn the best ways to find banking jobs in India and work in this well-regulated and ever-growing sector. You can also use an email scraper in finding contacts.

Visit Career Pages of Banks

The most reliable way to check the latest banking jobs is to visit the career section of the banks. Every bank has its website where you can find the latest information on it. They offer an online banking service, knowledge base, customer support, among other things. They also tend to have a separate career section where they post about the job openings in the bank.

For example, SBI has its SBI Careers section. You can visit the page at any time and check for job openings. Navigate into the Join SBI and then the Current Openings section for the latest listings. Other banks have similar pages along the lines of Career, Recruitments, Openings, etc.

You’ll see the “Fraudulent notices” on every bank website about the fake job offers. If you don’t see the job on the recruitment pages, it may be fake. So it’s always best to check the Career Pages of banks to get access to updated job openings.

Visit Banking Job Portals

There are online portals you can make use of to get information on the latest banking job openings. All the top results you see when you search for banking jobs are banking job portals. They rank higher than the bank’s career pages because they contain more information.

When you visit such portals, you’ll get job openings from various banks. Career pages, on the other hand, only list openings within their bank. So you can see a wide range of options.

Another benefit of visiting such portals is providing added information that’s not provided on the Career’s page. For example, they’d list the best resources you can use for preparation. Along with that, you’d have study materials, previous year’s questions, and current affairs news.

You can (and should) subscribe to them to get notifications on the latest job openings. They’ll send out emails or messages to you whenever banks publish a job opening. This way, you never miss a job notification.

It’s best to cross-check with the bank’s website to ensure the news is legit.

Search on Job Search Engines

Job Search Engines are another way to find banking jobs. As opposed to banking job portals, they have job openings for every sector. They scrape jobs from the internet and maintain them in their database.

Search for “bank jobs” to get the latest jobs in the banking sector. You can also specify the name of the bank to get job openings at that particular bank.

While they’re an easy way to find jobs, they tend to have rather limited results. That’s because banking websites do not generally allow them to scrape the website since it can compromise security. Thus, they won’t get the same level of data as other sectors like IT or manufacturing.

The other way they get information is when someone lists as a recruiter. Since banks don’t have to do the listing (because they already get so many applications), there aren’t any jobs listed either.

Search on Google

Finally, you can use Google’s search engine to find the latest jobs available in the banking sector. Like other information, it also scrapes information on jobs. Whenever you use job-related terms like “banking jobs,” “SBI jobs,” “private bank jobs,” you’ll see the available job openings in the top information panel.

You’d be able to see the salary range, the date on which it was posted, and the location of the job posting. By clicking on a particular result, you’ll get redirected to that source where you can apply.

Mostly, it gets information from job search engines and banking job portals. Other than a few, most banking websites forbid Google from scraping the data as well. You can use voice search as well to look for job openings.

These are online ways to find the latest bank jobs. You can also find this information in newspapers and employment-specific papers. They are mostly reliable. But online mode tends to offer convenience and is cheaper, too.

You may directly apply by clicking on the link and begin your application. Subscribing to the banking job portals will keep you updated so that you never miss any openings.


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