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How to Deal with the Stress of Entrepreneurship

When you’re first getting started, entrepreneurship can be really scary and difficult. Just like any challenge, it’s important to shift, take notes and rise with the tide. When you’re dedicated to a specific journey, you’ll have to learn how to shift with the various ebbs and flows. When it comes to entrepreneurship, there’s no question about the stress. It will come. The key is that you’ve got to actively find ways to deal with the stress in really healthy and sustainable ways. There are plenty of ways to implement an effective strategy for stress management.

Self-Care (Exercise, Food, Health)

Exercise is excellent for your endorphins, weight management and heart health. Eat foods that will allow you to operate at your highest level. Figure out which foods allow you to work without feeling sluggish or tired. When you’re sluggish, you’re not going to be productive. When you’re not productive, this can lead to a lot of stress. Visit the doctor so you can know your vitals and numbers. If you’re not healthy, you can’t show up for your business or anyone else.

Outside Life (Keeps Everything in Perspective)

Remember that you are not your work. Your work is something you do. You are a living human being with feelings, emotions and people who love you. Manage the stress by keeping work in perspective. Spend time with people you love. Volunteer at local shelters. Read books. Travel. As you maintain a strong work-life balance, you’ll be able to recognize what truly matters in the grand scheme of things.

Knowing and Operating within Your Strengths

Don’t downplay your strengths. Celebrate your accomplishments. Own the progress you’ve made. If people recognize your strengths, don’t downplay them. Get into the habit of embracing and accepting what you’re great at because you’ll develop the confidence to continue in your lane. If you’re a realtor who has found tons of success through social media referrals, other realtors might look down on you because your strategy might not get the same amount of respect as a traditional marketing strategy. However, you’re getting the numbers. You’re building your brand. You’re making sales. As you find the formula that works for you and defines your success, own it. It’ll only propel you to greatness.

Outsourcing and Hiring

It’s okay if you don’t know everything there is to know about any given topic. It’s great to be confident in your skill set. It’s also great to be confident in someone else’s ability to do a great job for you. This is why you should outsource and hire people for various jobs. If you’d like to be a great photographer, but know you’re not, you can unapologetically hire the best photographer to take photos for your company. If you don’t know much about how to differentiate between big commerce enterprise vs shopify plus, it’s good to have an assistant who can break down the pros and cons of each option as it relates to your company. When you’re unable to delegate tasks and jobs to other people, this can actually indicate a sense of pride and a deeply-rooted sense of insecurity.

Therapy & Counseling

Make your mental health a priority by finding a good therapist. Counseling sessions are important because you’re able to work through the inner emotions that are potentially blocking you from becoming the most powerful version of yourself. When stress takes over, it can lead you to become a person you don’t want to be. Your mind is the epicenter. You have to take care of it. In the same way you’d go to the gym a few times a week, make an appointment to see your therapist once a week. If you can only go bi-weekly, that’s okay as well. However, always make sure you’re prioritizing your mental health. You don’t have to be ashamed of needing medication either. Many people have imbalances in their body. With the right stress cocktail, an imbalance can implode and place a person in the hospital. Be proactive when it comes to your mental health by using counseling services.


There are people who never take vacations. As a result, they end up feeling the weight of burn-out. There’s a reason why so many people use the summer months to relax and unwind. Your mind and body desperately need the chance to take a sabbatical. When you’re able to unplug and get away from the daily grind of life, you’ll be able to preserve your sanity. Also, it will help you maintain a certain level of excitement about your work. Think about a couple. When they’re separated for a few days, they can’t wait until it’s time to get back together. Distance really can make the heart grow fonder. When it pertains to entrepreneurship, schedule time to give yourself some distance from your work. Whether it’s a four-day vacation or a six-day staycation, unplug from your emails and any access to your company. Your mind will be better because of it.

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