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How to Make a Jockey Box for Beer

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Whether you are an amateur brewer or want to open your own bar or pub, you need to use special equipment. The success of any home bar or craft beer pub depends on the quality of produced beverages. That is why you should focus on the production standards and storage conditions. One of the irreplaceable tools is a jockey box for beer. So, it would be useful to discover how to build a jockey box on your own.

A jockey box for beer is an insulated container filled with water and ice and an attached long coil of hollow tubing. This tool is used as an alternative to the refrigerator because its assignment is to cool drinks, which are offered on tap in temporary places. Therefore, a jockey box for beer is a great variant for those who want to run their business inside and outside as well. Additionally, it is convenient that you can serve beverages directly from the container due to its specific structure.

There is a list of necessary parts you should get to construct your own jockey box:

  •  120’, 70’, or 50’ stainless steel reel
  •  Domestic faucet shank
  •  Cooler coupling construction with a bore
  •  Shank assembly with a nipple
  •  Shank detail
  •  Shank washer
  •  Several fittings
  •  Oetiker stepless clips
  •  Several thermoplastic vinyl hoses
  •  Beer washers
  •  Several swivel hex nuts

Do not forget about special instruments, which would simplify the construction process:

  •  Cordless/power drill
  •  Drill Bit
  •  1” hole saw
  •  Spanner wrench
  •  Hex nut wrench
  •  Sharpie
  •  Tape Measure

The assembly of a jockey box includes only four steps:

  1.  Gauge and drill holes
  2.  Put together faucet and shank on front
  3.  Set cooler coupling on back
  4.  Connect coils

The construction does not take a lot of time and effort, and you do not need to have any experience in the execution of similar activities.

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