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How to Pick the Right Moving Company

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Choosing a moving company might be a simple affair, but it’s more complicated than you think. Whether it’s damaged or lost property, late arrival, or failing to honour the estimates, many things can go wrong by picking the wrong experts. Relocation is stressful and challenging enough as is without being surprised with unexpectedly high bills or broken belongings.

To steer clear of these potential problems, you must carefully vet prospective moving partners. It might mean a little more research, but it can save you from all the headaches and trouble that can otherwise plague your relocation. To that end, here are a few things you can do to find the specialists you need.

Look for referrals

Always begin your search by collecting quotes. Once you do, start looking for recommendations from loved ones. Friends and family are more likely to recommend dependable moving companies than those outside of this circle, after all. For those who are working with real estate professionals, don’t be afraid to ask the agents for referrals too.

Consider proximity

Proximity plays a role when it comes to selecting a moving company, so you need to consider this factor before you make any commitment. For example, a reliable company you can go for if you’re in the area is Darvills of Leeds. They provide several solutions, including storage services if you need to house your belongings somewhere to ensure their safety as you move. You can find them on this website.

Rule of three

It’s never a good idea to settle for one estimate. Instead, you should always explore your options and request that a few companies provide you with an estimate in-person if possible. After all, it’s impossible for anyone to provide an accurate estimate without seeing what they’ll have to move. It also presents a good opportunity to inquire about any other additional services you may require, such as storage solutions.

Request for accreditation

Most trade associations will vet organisations before giving them a seal of approval or membership. And good accreditation is an excellent indicator of a moving company’s dependability, so don’t take it for granted. By requesting accreditation, you’ll be able to immediately determine whether or not the mover can meet your needs.

Check reviews

These days, most people defer to online reviews regarding the services or products they require, and for a good reason: they’re an excellent source of information. Businesses can be economical with the truth or make exaggerated claims about their offerings. And consumer feedback and testimonials can help you make a more informed decision. So be sure to look up some reviews. Be sure to read a few so that you can get a good grasp on the mover.


Your choice of moving company can either make or break the relocation experience. Therefore, you must select one wisely. It may not be an easy task, but by keeping the tips mentioned above in mind during your search, you’ll be able to effectively guide yourself to the right company.

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