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Jewellery Trends: Why Memory Lockets Are So Popular Right Now

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The jewellery scene is volatile. Like clothes and fashion, it can flip on its head at any moment.  While one minute, people might be focused on pearl bracelets and sapphire laden earrings, the next everyone else is focused on something different entirely. In 2022, that trend happens to be memory lockets.

Memory lockets are pieces of hollowed out silver that is formed at the tail end of a necklace. Here, the owner can open up a tiny door and place something that is important to them inside. In the case of a memory locket, that special something usually takes the form of a memory. This could be embodied in a lock of hair, a piece of an autumn leaf, or a folded up letter from a loved one. So long as the object symbolises a memory, you’ve got yourself a memory locket.

But Why Are They So Popular Right Now?

The reason memory lockets are so popular right now can be traced back to the inception of jewellery itself. Back in 4400 BC, the very first pieces of jewellery took the form of shells or feathers, and they were usually worn for good luck, spiritual protection or to ward off evil spirits. In essence, jewellery was less about the aesthetics and more about the emotion which surrounded it.

This original concept can be referenced when attempting to work out the popularity of memory lockets today. Although they look beautiful in their own way, a memory locket is far more about the emotion than it is about making a fashion statement.

Emotional Jewellery Has Always Remained Popular

Emotionally jewellery isn’t something that has only just come back into trend, either. Although it became more about luxury and prestige around the 10th century, people continued to wear some types of jewellery purely for emotional and spiritual reasons. For instance, Jewish Jewellery can be traced back 100,000 years ago. Crafters would mould the Star of David, Tree of Life and Hand of Hamsa into pieces of silver and gold. These kinds of designs, as well as the reason for wearing them, can still be seen today. In fact, millions of people around the world wear religious and spiritual jewellery, all of which is designed and purely worn for emotional purposes.

What About The Memory Locket In Particular?

It’s no surprise then, that memory lockets are so popular right now. As they’re not pinpointed to any religion or spiritual purpose, it opens up the scope of people who can get involved and start wearing them. That isn’t to say it will always be popular. As mentioned before, the world of jewellery is a volatile thing, with trends switching around as often as you would switch around your outfits. But so far as trends go, the memory locket is certainly an impactful and meaningful one. It is important for jewellery to harken emotion, and memory lockets are a beautiful and poignant way to do that. Whether it’s a strand of hair or a folded photograph, memory lockets are a piece of jewellery that will rest far closer to your heart than any jewel could.

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