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Learn How You Can Excel at Pay per Call Marketing

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Find out what are some of the most efficient methods to create successful PPC campaigns!

As the Internet continues to become the hub that connects our globalized economy, marketing has focused more and more on digital mediums. That trend seems to show no signs of slowing down, so it’s incredibly relevant to be well versed in the realm of online campaigns. In the digital space, one of the most common ways to increase brand awareness and revenue is through PPC campaigns.

What Is PPC?

In this case, PPC refers to Pay Per Call. Pay Per Click is also known as PPC, so it can be a bit confusing, but they differ in their goals. The focus of Pay Per Call campaigns is to get leads to call the included phone number. There’s a vast number of ways to incorporate this Call to Action (known as CTA) into the advertisement.


Whether you’re a business looking to grow your customer base or are looking to get into the affiliate marketing industry, here are some tips to get you started!

What’s the Target Audience?

Finding your target demographic is an obvious step for businesses, but if you’re in affiliate marketing, you should also consider it. If you have a particular audience that frequents your website, knowing what products and services you should advertise are paramount to generating a steady stream of revenue. Likewise, if you’re a business owner, understanding the places, both online and offline, that your consumers frequent might be a step that some overlook. You could choose to advertise everywhere, but having a more focused approach could save you money and give you better results.

What Method Will You Use to Generate Calls?

Deciding what Pay Per Call method works best depends strongly on the demographic you’re trying to reach. If your target audience is pretty broad, you should have smaller and more diverse campaigns spread out on different channels. Conversely, if you have a niche audience, you should target their channels and focus your acquisitions there. For example, if you have a wide age range, you can use a mix like an email to call, click to call, and radio to call. If you would like to have a broader sense of what channels are out, check out pay per call marketing methods.

Keep an Eye for KPI’s and ROI.

These concepts are incredibly important, regardless of what career path you’ve chosen in this space. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators, while ROI stands for Return on Investment. Whether you’re paying for the calls or a web design agency Dubai is hosting the campaigns for you, making sure they’re performing well is crucial. On the affiliate marketing spectrum, ensuring these campaigns are visible and providing you with a steady stream of revenue is the key to success. If you’re allowing these ads to run on your channels, they need to be successful in attracting more Ad Revenue. If they aren’t, it’s dead space that you could use elsewhere.

Likewise, as a business, you want to have the best chance at brand visibility. Your KPI will be the number of people who saw those ads and called in. If there aren’t enough leads rolling it, it could seriously hamper your ROI, since these ads aren’t performing as they should!

In Conclusion

Pay Per Call can be an excellent source of revenue or leads, depending on your industry. Making sure you’re focused on the right target is essential to making them worth the investment!

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