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Office Furniture and its Impact on Employee Morale

Written by Jimmy Rustling

While it may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about office refurbishment, the furniture that makes up any workspace has the potential to make or break a business. It especially plays a role in employee morale, and can improve productivity levels immensely.

Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomics – a funny word, isn’t it? But what exactly does it mean?

Ergonomic design considers an individual’s environment, and how they interact with it. It takes a look at which elements of the space are being used productively and effectively, and which areas are actually working against the individual and the task they’re trying to perform. Essentially, ergonomics describes the relationship between a person and the furniture that surrounds them.

Ergonomic furniture boosts employee morale massively. It is potentially the most important consideration when it comes to selecting office furniture, as the knowledge-based workforce spends the majority of their time seated at their desks and interacting with the space around them. If the furniture they’re given to work with doesn’t suit the tasks they’re expected to perform, this can lead to a number of negative emotions, and even physical pain. Frustration occurs when an object is unsuitable or faulty, while physical injury can actually occur if an employee is forced to endure the same uncomfortable furniture over a long period of time.

Employees are always appreciative when ergonomic furniture is used to replace their old, uncomfortable arrangements. This boosts morale and encourages motivation within the company. Reducing employee injury also limits the number of sick days taken, and also improves employee retention.

Thoughtful Furniture Layouts

Considering how your office space is structured is something else to ponder if you’re thinking about office refurbishment.

Having an office layout that keeps equality in mind can boost employee morale. For example, if management teams are seated in the same space as other employees, teams won’t feel like they’re being excluded or belittled. Open plan desking is an example of this, where people can communicate freely. This enhances the community feel within a company, and employees may feel that managers are more approachable; which can have great results for a business.

Despite the benefits of open plan arrangements, it’s important to also provide alternative areas for people to work. Communal meeting rooms are vital when it comes to successfully developing ideas as a team, while some tasks simply require some personal space and an area for deep contemplation. Incorporating a mixture of both open, communal and private spaces will allow your employees to work in a way that they find productive, boosting motivation levels and overall morale.

Relaxing Breakrooms

While the space your employees are actually conducting their work in is inevitably important, it’s also crucial that you take other areas in the office into account too; such as breakrooms and restrooms. These areas are often overlooked in office environments and can dampen employee morale as their wellbeing often feels like an afterthought.

Creating relaxing breakrooms that allow your employees to feel they have a ‘home away from home’ is a great way to remind them you care about their efforts, even when they’re not working. Using comfortable materials and providing them with updated amenities will enhance their appreciation levels and demonstrate how much you really value your workforce. It helps if they have an enticing social space to eat lunch or share a coffee with co-workers in, as this can help build relationships amongst co-workers that aren’t strictly linked to work tasks. This will relieve stress and give employees that essential time to wind down, refreshing their minds before they return back to work.

Functional, Adaptable Furniture

A relatively new trend within the office refurbishment industry, modular furniture is a huge new hit within modern working environments. Installing multi-functional furniture in your office space improves the capabilities of your furniture ten-fold. Your employees aren’t limited to performing just one task, so why limit their environment by selecting furniture that can only do one thing?

Implementing adaptable furniture within your office workspace has the ability to futureproof your office. You never know what the future might hold, and modular furniture allows you to adjust spaces according to your ever-changing needs. This boosts employee morale as having a workspace that is able to adapt to its fluctuating needs is extremely useful for them. It also saves space; as more workplaces are adapting to the idea of flexible and agile working, utilising furniture that can be moved as and when it’s needed is key.

Adaptable furniture also has the added benefit of providing more accessibility for disabled employees. The inclusivity of your office should be considered at every possible point within the office refurbishment process, and modular furniture allows items to be quickly adjusted to suit particular individual needs, boosting employee morale further.

Effective Storage Solutions

Utilising effective storage solutions within your office can have a huge impact on employee morale. Organised storages spaces save employees time, increasing their productivity levels and reducing stress. It also encourages employees to feel more at home, as they feel more secure. Having a place to put their own personal items plays an important role in how comfortable they feel at work.

There’s a variety of ways in which your office furniture choices can have an impact on employee morale, and we haven’t even managed to fit them all in here! Don’t overlook one of the most important aspects of your office. Provide your employees with carefully designed furniture and equipment that will improve their wellbeing and make them happier, more productive individuals in the workplace.

  • Ergonomic furniture keeps employees comfortable

Reduce strain and improve well-being with furniture that is designed to suit your workforce.

  • Strategically placed furniture boosts collaborative working efforts

Implement a mixture of communal, private and open space areas, providing somewhere for everyone.

  • Relaxing breakrooms give employees a ‘home away from home’

Show your employees their wellness is valued by giving them refreshing breakrooms.

  • Modular furniture improves adaptability and accessibility for a variety of individuals

Improve office inclusivity and functionality with futureproof, adaptable furniture.

  • Effective storage solutions improve productivity

Limit wasted time and stress with organised, clever storage solutions.

At Office Workspace, we use our years of expertise within the office fit out industry to provide all our clients with the very best furniture that’s precisely suitable for their specific needs. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can transform your office workspace and boost employee morale, please visit our website.




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