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Planning to make Changes to your home in 2020? Here are some ideas

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Now that 2019 is out of the way, have a think about 2020 and what you can do differently.  Some people will think of the obvious things such as lose weight and drink less, however, why not invest some of your time and energy into your own home throughout the year?  This can be both therapeutic but rewarding in terms of your current home value.  If you spend a lot of time on your house interior and exterior then at the end of the year look back at what you have achieved, it could be quite significant.  Below are some ideas on what you could do:

Change the Floors

Have you ever considered having oak flooring in your home?  In 2020, we expect the trend of oak flooring to continue to be far more popular than the carpet alternatives.  This is not just in conventional rooms like living areas, but we see this far more in rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.  Engineered oak flooring is also not something that is too expensive and there is a large variation in price and quality to select from.  Flooring isn’t too difficult to install and the actual upkeep of it is also something that appeals to people.  You can easily hoover the flooring and maintain it with minimum effort.  If there is a spillage, it is not like a carpet where you may need to get specific stain remover, this can be done with a simple wipe.

Garden Improvements

Some people live in their gardens over the summer and spend a lot of time in it whilst others rarely use it.  If you have a large garden then there would be a lot of potential to make improvements to it by adding flowers, growing vegetables or even adding some decking.  Decking in certain areas in the garden is very popular and like laying of flooring, it is not too difficult to execute without calling in people with specific expertise.  If you are attempting to do this without calling in help then it is important that you prepare the area the decking is going on properly or in a year or two afterwards, you could find yourself with a lot of problems like weeds coming through the sides.

Build a Driveway

If you have the area in the outside of your home to build a driveway and you have a motor vehicle, this may be something you wish to consider.  Parking can sometimes be a premium depending on the specific area you live and to park the car in a personal space reduce stress levels when looking for a space.  This is a project that you need to get the approval of the local authorities for in advance as you will need to lower the pavement that belongs to the local council.  They will ask your immediate neighbours also if they have any specific objections to you building the driveway.

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