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Registering Trademark in Multiple Classes

In UAE, you can register your trademark in multiple classes which makes you provide different goods as well as services while staying under one Register trademark in Dubai.

Registering Trademark in Multiple Classes

When a company files a single trademark under multiple categories, it gets benefited in a number of ways. Trademark registration in UAE under multiple classes extend the area of service a company serves in. in this way not just the company gets to reach a greater number of people through more services but also gets more organized and efficient of course.

For the trademark registration in more than one cases, the applicant must fill in his personal information for more than one time for every class. The trademark and the correspondent information is also entered along with the information of the applicant while going for registration.

By the multi-class filing of the trademark, a lot of money is saved because the company gets to pay only for a single class during the initial processing. After the issuance of one action, the applicant is required to pay for additional classes. If there is any problem with the filing procedures or any other concerned thing, the application can get rejected.

One of a good thing about such filing is that during rejection, only one class with the problem gets rejected while the rest of them are perceived authentic.

Treatment like a single party

The companies that have multiple licenses in just one company are treated as a single entity. One company might be having more than one branches running in the market. These branches might not necessarily be having the same ownership and the same set of services. That is why they must be having a different license. UAE’s government considers such entities as ONE.

Advantages of multiclass trademark registration


If a company wants to go for multiclass registration, it should rather go for filing for a single class. This is because in this way the company would not have to pay additional money for the filing the application of multiclass registration.

Easy handling

If the company was to go to file for each and every class separately, it would waste a lot of time. Similarly, by going for multiclass registration in UAE, the company would be able to save a lot of time and get registered earlier as well.

Lesser risk association

Through multiclass registration, the risk of deception gets reduced to a great level during the license renewal. If there are any mistakes in the filing procedure, the whole of the class would not get rejected. Only the correction of faulty application would need to get corrected and nothing more.

Before you go for trademark registration in UAE, you must be very sure about the company structure you want to get indulged in. this will make a lot of decisions easier for you. Through proper decision-making, you would be able to take the most appropriate decision for the company while going for license registration. So, be very clear about your company right from the very start.

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