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Six Reasons to Go for Your Masters in Supply Chain Management

Today, it’s easy to see that the world is becoming increasingly modern, with more people than ever before living in urban environments than in rural areas, and technology taking over almost every aspect of our lives from home functions to roads, workplaces, and much more. More than ever before, people are demanding goods and services, and with a concentrated population, it has become even more important to maintain a wide-ranging network of communications and distribution. Today, the scope of logistics, utilities, and materials handling is rapidly expanding across several well-established industries, while newer and emerging industries such as green energy and information technology are being made possible as a result.

The situation now means that many industries are creating several opportunities for supply chain management professionals; a career that is growing rapidly in terms of demand, more readily available than ever, and paying more than ever before. So, what can you do when you achieve a degree in supply chain management?

Begin with a Rewarding Position:

Entry-level supply chain careers tend to involve tasks such as working at distribution centers keeping track of inventory, tracking shipments for large corporations and organizations, and inspecting the quality of goods that are produced. In this line of work, you may also find yourself assisting with the development of new communications or distribution networks, or with the planning, design and implementation of corporate policies.

Gaining a relevant degree in logistics or management such as this online supply chain masters will allow you to stand out from the majority of individuals who pursue these opportunities and land a career with more responsibility and a larger salary.

Show Leadership Qualities and Apply Your Skills:

The majority of positions in logistics and supply chain management can be demanding, but individuals who make hiring decisions, particularly for the more advanced positions, already know this. They are looking for people who show initiative while also being able to display that they have been able to achieve qualifications that are above the average.

Companies, academic institutions, and government agencies will always benefit from having somebody who is familiar with their practices by promoting from within rather than hiring from the outside, which often means having to spend time looking for untested candidates and taking a larger risk when it comes to mid-management, mid-level administrative or executive positions. With a supply chain management degree behind you, you can get your foot in the door, develop your skills by applying them in the industry, and display leadership qualities – putting you in with a better chance of getting further up the career ladder at a faster rate.

Careers in Logistics:

Aside from providing you with the skills, knowledge and resume that you will need to climb the career ladder and pursue higher level positions, a master’s degree in supply chain management will also open opportunities to you when it comes to a wide range of positions and career types. Logisticians are usually the first people that come to mind when you think about careers in supply chain management, and they cover every aspect of supply, from minimizing product costs to maximizing efficiency in the manufacturing process.

A supply chain management masters can certainly provide you with the foundation that you need for a strong career as a logistician; you will need marketing savvy in order to identify your target demographics and best understand their needs. In addition, it is a very financially rewarding career with an average entry-level salary of around $70,000 while providing a very broad range of general supply chain experience. As a result, it’s a very good addition to your resume or your profile as an independent consultant if you are hoping for a lucrative career in supply chain management.

Careers in Purchasing Management:

The responsibility of a purchasing manager is to source out necessary supplies, arrange and nurture business-to-business relationships for their employer or company, negotiate contracts, evaluate incoming project quality, and establish pricing guidelines. This career incorporates a huge amount of on-the-job training in addition to a range of educational requirements – a relevant master’s qualification can certainly boost your chances of being considered for this position, as an in-depth knowledge of how the industry works is crucial when it comes to becoming successful as a purchaser or buyer. Salary-wise, this position starts out at around $60,000 per year but can be a first step towards a wide range of executive opportunities, independent consulting and government work.

Working and Learning:

If you are already working in the logistics and supply chain field, then studying for a masters in supply chain management can be useful for you in many different ways. Today, online study programs are more readily available than ever before, allowing you to continue improving your skills, knowledge and experience at the same time as boosting what you already know through an academic program you can later add to your resume to improve your chance of landing a higher level position.

Today, individuals who possess administrative or management undergraduate degrees and are already employed in the supply industry are increasingly beginning to acquire more directly relevant qualifications. By earning a degree in supply management, materials building or logistics, you can directly increase your earning power and work towards making yourself a more attractive hiring prospect from the perspective of many employers. It’s a good idea to become familiar with the different SCM systems and their features, differences, and relevance for your particular job and goals in the job.

Transferring Your Skills:

Finally, bear in mind that this is a degree that can be implemented not just in the supply industry itself, but in a wide range of different industries all around the world. Critical thinking is a skill vital for success with this program, in addition to other transferable skills that you will develop such as innovativeness, creativity and the ability to be strategic. Individuals with a master’s qualification in supply chain management are welcomed in a wide range of industries including warehouse management, trucking, transportation, manufacturing, shipping and delivery, and much more.

For individuals who are serious about progressing in a career in the supply or logistics industries, gaining a master’s degree in supply chain management can be a very useful platform from which to launch your career.

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