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Steps To Build A Successful Brand or How Santa Managed To Do It

Santa Claus, loved by millions of children in the world, is nothing but the world’s strongest brand. We all know that red is his favorite color, that he often misses sessions in barbershops, and that he only works one day a year (well settled).

You don’t need to be a kid from the West to know all these details. Thanks to Coca Cola company, Santa, dressed in a red suit, became popular all around the world.

The branding of Santa is one of the greatest coups in history. That’s how marketing masters managed to do the impossible – made half of the world fall in love with an old overweight man:

Stay consistent

Santa Claus is the most predictable man in the world – he wears the same outfit all year round, never shaves his beard, and always suspiciously cheerful. Every brand is a promise. So make sure your product will always have the same quality and similar pricing. Every little change should be explained since customers usually resist change.

Send the right message

Your brand won’t survive without a clear message.

The message helps people remember your brand and relate to it. Santa’s message is clear – he wants to bring joy to all kids around the world.

Your main statement should sum up what your company does, its competitive advantage, and the target market.


Who needs another old man during Christmas? There is Santa. He is unique.

Your brand identity should also be unique. The identity should consist of the company name, advertising slogans, signature colors, store design, and even packaging.

The color of your brand also plays an important role. To learn more about visual branding, check out this infographic provided by

Steps To Build A Successful Brand or How Santa Managed To Do It

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