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Student Life: How to Get Excellent Marks?

Student’s life is full of positive emotions, friends, extraordinary discoveries, and bright achievements. It is the time of laying the groundwork for adult life. Students have many communications, they visit countless places, take exciting courses, work on the projects, and so on. All these activities take much time, and it has become hard to balance the main spheres in students’ lives.

The first indication of the balance absence is getting bad marks at school. If you, like many other learners, need some help, go to, where they can prepare any assignment. Yet, the problem also lies in exams, which should be passed well. In this article, students will get to know how to organize the study process to become a straight-A and have time for everything else they want.

How to Organize the Learning Process to Get Top Marks?

First of all, a person should organize his or her study place. Topuniversities suggests checking the light, desk, and the chair, cause all these items should be comfortable. Besides, a student has to understand what one prefers more – working in total silence or with calm background music. The effectiveness of learning depends on organizing the study area and reducing distracting items.

Distraction is the enemy of studying, so task number two is focusing totally on the learning process. Computer games, social networks, videos, and phone calls always divert students’ attention. To overcome these obstacles, Daniel Wong created a simple plan, where a student should:

    1. Turn off the mobile phone and put it far away from the working area.
  1. Keep the desk clutter-free so nothing can distract from learning.
  2. Divide the learning process into several blocks for approximately 40 minutes each. During them, all the attention should be focused on studying.
  3. Reward oneself after completing each chunk. It can be watching a short video, eating something tasty, calling a friend or any other pleasant activity.

Effective Methods of Studying

Another effective method to study better without devoting all the time to it is organizing study groups with friends. According to Jake Butler, having such groups motivate the members. For example, if one student wants to miss the class, a friend can convince him to go to university together. Sometimes learners team up to complete hard tasks, and it gives them more free time for personal life. The group also helps to prepare better for exams.

Students spend less time on research. If there are many questions to cover, they need to be divided into groups. Everyone on the team does one’s part of the task.

Learners discuss and explain to each other complicated information. This method helps to understand the material better and remember it for a long time. Moreover, students get data from different sources, and it is an excellent way to get to know something new from peers. Groups should consist of three to four people. Bigger teams might get distracting.

Taking past versions of the practice tests is one more key to becoming a straight-A. While passing previous tests, students get used to the format of the questions and exercise to spend the right amount of time on each section. The problem is to find such material. Usually, learners ask teachers directly or try to find tasks on the Internet. The trick is that old and new tests are very similar sometimes, so it will not be a problem to pass the new one with the highest mark.

There is another key to get more A’s. It is a periodic review system. It means that instead of studying hard all night before exams, the person should review new information during the whole semester. It will not take much time, but it is a very productive method. When a student receives new material, he should review it from time to time. At first, it can be a one-day interval, then several days, then weeks. The main idea lies in rethinking the data as frequently as possible. It does not mean cramming, just reading, and understanding the material.

All these tips require self-organization. Being organized is the primary key to achieving success anywhere, from school to personal life. It consists of planning days, weeks, and months. The process also helps to prioritize the main things and delay secondaries. The Internet is full of helpful tools and tips for time-management; everyone can use them.

A Sound Mind Is in a Sound Body

With the desire to achieve all the aims, people forget to take care of themselves. It is hard to be a successful person with poor health. Students suffer from sleep deprivation, distracted attention, headaches, and lack of energy. Every student should include a healthy lifestyle in one’s plans.

Eight hours of tight sleep, physical training at least three times a week for 45 minutes will help anyone to feel more cheerful and concentrated.  Food control is essential in memorizing tons of new information. Seeds, nuts, fish, yogurts, berries, and other nutritious food make students feel well. Drinking enough water is also necessary for the brain to work at its best.

To Sum Up

Most of the students want to get the highest marks and combine it successfully with their personal lives. They should remember that the primary key to success lies in self-organization. Learners should make their study places comfortable and isolate themselves from distractions during the learning process. Organizing study groups with friends, training themselves with different tests, review of the learned the material, and health control can help anyone to become the best.

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