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The Best Rated Cars During a Snowstorm

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Snowstorms can be very hazardous to drive in, especially if your vehicle is not equipped with the best and most up-to-date emergency snow removal equipment. However, it is possible to prevent most accidents that could happen due to snow storms by making sure that your car is equipped with all the necessary safety snow removal equipment. In order to find out what the best rated cars during a snowstorm are, you first need to know what they are. Here is a list of the top cars that can be found on any major road during any cold weather

The Ford Taurus remains one of the best sedans you can purchase, and it can easily handle snow storm conditions. Although it is relatively heavy, it still manages to corner well in moderate snowstorms and has great maneuverability. It is an all-wheel drive that aids in low traction surfaces.

The Ford Escape also belongs in the list of best rated cars during a snowstorm because of its great handling and maneuverability. The car has an extremely long hood, and it sticks out considerably from the rest of the body. It has a slippery mode which handles well in ice and water and for deep snow, it can handle this type of intense weather too. In addition, the car’s height and length as well as its width make it perfect for driving on slippery roads during a snowstorm.

Another great utility vehicle you should consider taking during a snowstorm is the Ford F-350 and F-450. These are also great off road because it is able to corner well and even negotiate some hills. This is due to its excellent handling and the low profile of its wheels. With these heavy models being primarily a truck, it is very capable of hauling other heavier vehicles because of its fifth wheel drive. It has impressive ground clearance which enables it to clear over seven inches of snow. It helps navigate snowy terrain very safely.

Another option you have for finding the best rated cars during a snowstorm is the Chevy Colorado. It is one of the smallest trucks you can buy, but it is a powerful truck nonetheless. Its size does not compromise on its power, which is why many owners prefer it to other trucks on the market. Because it is a smaller vehicle, you will not need to spend a whole lot of time and energy trying to navigate your way through the snow. It is recommended to install snow gear to get traction and stability for heavy snowfall. Just get into the back and hold on tight!

If you are worried about reliability, worry not. The Toyota 4Runner has been a long time contender for its ability to plow through snow. Its passenger space may not be as spacious as the Toyota Tundras, but it is still a reliable and strong car. That means you should be okay as long as you stick to routes that are not too treacherous. There are also a number of high performance cars that are perfectly suitable for the snow, including the Nissan Armada and Dodge Challenger. Most trucks do well in snow storms but noticeably, the 2000 4Runner was built well and withstands the best snow storms even in comparison to the Fords and such.

Keep in mind that there are a few SUVS that will not survive these heavy snow storms. For example, the Land Rover while being an impressive looking car, it is not made for the harshest climates. Other cars like the 2020 Kia Soul, might have a lot of bells and whistles to technology, there is known engine trouble and is not structurally sound for winter storms. Even a beauty like the 2020 GMC Terrain, while it is a nice looking car, won’t survive winter.

In Colorado, there are winters that bring a ton of snow. Heavy snow can be hard to drive in without the right gear. A Colorado Car Accident Attorney generally sees how much of a financial hardship can occur when car accidents take place. Like other car accidents, there are so many risks involved and safety is so important that choosing a reliable car in the snow is very important.

You can also opt for utility vehicles like the Hyundai Tucson when faced with icy conditions. Even though the Tucson has a smaller engine than some of the other trucks on the list, it is still powerful enough to get you through most of the snow that is on the ground. And since it is so easy to handle, it is often a great choice for first time drivers or people who live in the city.

In short, it will be best to avoid cars with larger engines or those that are not easy to drive in the snowstorm. Instead, focus more on getting smaller vehicles with all the power you need. This

way, you can easily maneuver the roads and your way through the snowstorm. Once you emerge unscathed, you will realize that choosing the best rated cars during a snowstorm is not all that difficult after all. It is a misperception that all SUVS drive well in the snow, and sports cars do not. As mentioned earlier, there are SUVs that will not survive winter, so do your homework and invest in a car that can. Especially if you live in a state that often brings many feet of snow.

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