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Types of Wedding Invitations You Should Know About in 2019

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Want to have the wedding of the century? Before you walk down the aisle, you need to figure out a few key things, one of which is your wedding invitation. How do you want it to look? Have you given it some thought? If you haven’t, it’s not a problem! We can walk you through the different things you can do for your wedding invites.

Here’s a complete look-through of wedding invitation trends:

  1. Debossed

This pattern is the top choice for many people who are tying the knot in a traditional church. Debossing looks like the letters sink into the paper to create a recessed effect. They are pressed so that the words protrude on the underside of the paper.

  1. Embossed

This design forms a raised pattern on the material. Hence, it emphasises the words, graphics and illustrations printed on the paper.

  1. Embellished

If you want to make your wedding feel glamorous, you should use crystals to accessorise your card. Many people choose to glam up and bejewel their invitations. Some people even put their monogrammed initials on a centrepiece stone to personalise the invites even more.

If you like something a little more sedate, you can choose to put gold-plated designs at the edge of the card to frame the invitation. It’s up to you how you want it to come out. Just make sure that the embellishment does not overpower the content.

  1. Engraved

This lettering technique is a time-consuming process, and it can get quite expensive. Your text (i.e. the content of the invitation card) is etched onto a plate that is then transferred on to the material of your choice – either wood, acrylic or paper.

  1. Foiled

If you want to make your cards shine and stand out, you should do foil stamping. This method adds an extra sheen to your invites since it uses foil to create beautiful designs and letters. You need different plates to create different metallic patterns on the paper. The pressing and transferring process can be challenging, but the results will be worth it.

  1. Laser cut

Laser cut is useful if you want to use intricate patterns and designs to make your card attractive. This method is very exacting; it can make clean-cut and intricate designs. You can use delicate materials like lace which you can then transfer on to your personalised stationery. You can include unique and customised design elements to add your sense of style to the card.

  1. Offset

This process uses rollers and pressing plates that are suitable for fragile materials and thin paper. You should use this if you decide to use parchment paper.

These are the different types of card design you need to know. They are the most common and the most popular ones being used nowadays. If you need some help, it’s best to consult a print shop in your area. You can ask for advice or for some good recommendations to ease the process for you.


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