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Connelly Home Improvements recommends Vinyl Weatherboard Cladding for home builders to protect their houses from the potential dangers that come with the harsh weather conditions of New Zealand and Australia.

Fast Installation and Fire Protection

Vinyl weatherboards save time and expenses by their fast installation. In Victoria and Melbourne, about 8,500 vinyl cladding successful installations have been made. The vinyl installation also comes with free polystyrene insulation and polyvinyl chloride (also known as PVC), which has been included to ensure that its high chlorine content protects it from ignition in case of an incidence of fire outbreaks.


Vinyl weatherboards have been installed in several houses, in many countries with the world’s harshest weather conditions have been known to remain strong even after 60 years (30 years in Australia and New Zealand). Vinyl weatherboards have been designed to protect houses from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and this comes with a 50-year warranty.

No Need for Painting

Once installed, houses equipped with Vinyl weatherboards do not require painting anymore. The installation involves the use of Gloss Timber Lock cladding. The color of the house on the vinyl weatherboard cladding is installed goes right through it and makes the painting permanent.

Guaranteed Results

Besides the 50-year warranty, Vinyl weatherboards possess unique thickness and strong insulation to ensure that houses can withstand harsh weather for several years.

Tested and Trusted

Vinyl weatherboards have been built, especially for the harsh environment of Australia and New Zealand. Tests have been conducted on the weatherboard cladding system, and the quality has been proven with outstanding outcomes. Vinyl weatherboards comply with the AS/NZS 4256.4 tests. As a result, home builders that choose to use vinyl weatherboards should have no worries over the safety of their houses, as they would have no regrets about their decision in choosing vinyl weatherboard cladding.

Below are some testimonies shared by some customers who have patronized Connelly Home Improvements and are glad they chose to use Vinyl weatherboards for the sure protection of their houses:

“You have transformed our old sad weatherboard house into a very modern-looking house. Your product had definitely increased the look and value of our property.”

John & Lynne, Lang Lang

“The installation of the weatherboards was beautifully done.”

Mr. B Moss, Fawkner

“People come to visit and tell us how much better the house looks.”

Brett & Fiona, Newborough

“It’s amazing how much better our home looks, given it’ll still look as good in 10 years.”

Cathy & Brian, Darraweit Guim

“We are very pleased with the vinyl boarding that was put on our home. It has kept the warmth in our home. It used to get very cold. The vinyl is easy to clean. My husband and I feel it was the best thing we ever did to our home.”

Philip & Belinda, Drouin

“The workmanship and materials are absolutely first class.”

Megan, St. Leonards

“We noticed a great difference in temperature; our house is much cooler in the heat and quite warm at night.”

John & Lynne, Lang Lang

“It is a great feeling to know our home is now maintenance-free and looks fabulous.”

Abagail, Wonthaggi

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