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What Care Instructions to Follow to Give your Longines a Long Life?

Watches are the sensitives pieces that need proper care. If you are fond of wearing the branded watches and want that remain your partner for a long time then its good to follow the care instructions so that run for a long time and provide you accurate time. The watches like Longines must be prevented from different environmental factors to keep them working. Some special recommendations that everyone follows to keep their watch in working conditions are

Avoid magnetic fields and chemicals

Do not place your timepiece near the magnetic field as the electromagnetic radiations may interfere with the machine. Thus, damage the mechanics of the watch and your watch will lose accuracy. Avoid placing near electromagnetic machines and gadgets to prevent from any damage.

To protect the outer casing especially metallic casing and bracelets do not contact with perfumes solvents and detergents, these will ruin original shade and shine of the outer part of the timepiece.

Clean with water

Before cleaning the wash with water, you must be confident that your watch is purely waterproof. Use a toothbrush and soapy water to rub on the strap to remove the dust or strain. After that rinse with water and then dry with soft clothes.

Avoid shocks

The heavy jerk or any kind of shock may create issues with watch machine. This may lead to misalignment of the hands and they may not move properly thus leading to non-accuracy of the time. Therefore, prevent from any harsh condition, this may also break the outer mirror or case.

Care even your watch is water-resistant

Although the Longines and other branded watch are strongly water-resistant but sometimes watches lose this property. Therefore, before cleaning or you have to wear during swim activity first confirm its water resistance. You can take to the watch outlet where they have special equipment to check the waterproofing of the watch. The minor test will confirm the water-resistance of the watch and you can wear it confidently.

Even though when you are sure about this feature of your watch, before taking the watch in water first check the crown is purely screwed down.

  • Push your crown to a neutral position so that water does not enter inside the body.
  • Avoid using ushers when you are swimming or washing the watch as water may move inside it.
  • Do not keep in harsh temperature conditions

The sudden changes in the temperature and exposure to extreme temperature Zone also effect the accuracy of the watch less than 0-degree centigrade and more than 60 degree centigrade affect the watch mechanics and you may have to bear the loss.

Branded watches are expensive and strong enough to resist the harsh conditions, yet they need care. The minor carelessness may damage the inside machinery or outside appeal. Keep in care, away from children and care your time fellow to give it a long life and keep it valuable.

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