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What is AI? The influence of AI on modern advertising industry

Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, the perspective that machines replace people in many fields becomes more realistic. Modern day advertising is no exception. Join to find out what AI is and how it affects the modern advertising industry!

1. What is AI?

AI technology has the concept from computer scientist in the US – John McCarthy. He presented his concepts and work in 1956 at The Dartmouth conference. AI is understood as a problem of terminology. This term includes the statements about automation and the reality of robots.

Artificial intelligence is also known as artificial intelligence. The English name is Artificial Intelligence or Machine Intelligence, often abbreviated to AI. AI is a simulation of human intellectual activity processes by machines. AI is an industry of computer science related to intelligent behavior automation.

2. The influence of AI on modern advertising industry

AI is greatly influencing the recruitment market. People increasingly feel pinched by the rise of AI (artificial intelligence). This is a workforce that needs no food, no sleep, no pay. So, what can AI do in modern advertising?

3. AI has applications in automatic advertising (Programmatic Advertising)

An algorithmic chain that allows marketing professionals to deliver ads at the right time called Computational advertising. The algorithm works based on demographic information, online activity habits, and content seen when the ad appears.

Saatchi & Saatchi LA have applied this technology. It allows Facebook users to view separate Toyota ads. From there suggesting them to perform activities based on their own interests.

4. AI has applications in image advertising (In-Image Advertising) and collaborative filtering

Image ad

AI is applied to bring appropriate advertising samples in each specific case. Based on Machine learning technology with a series of intelligent algorithms that process information in a way similar to the human brain.

GumGum – an American advertising company that has set up its AI technology to recognize all types of objects, people, colors, themes and brand logos by putting millions of labeled images into the system. nerve. This way, this technology can place an appropriate ad on each photo.

Collaborative filtering

Online retailers use AI by offering recommended products through collaborative filtering. The system links website visitors with other customers with the same needs.

If both customer X and customer Y purchase the same product at some point in time, they are more likely to be interested and interested in each other’s products on subsequent purchases.

Amazon is a prime example of this filtering technology application. There are effective product hints with the classic “consumers who buy this product also buy ….”.

5. AI is also for producing advertising scripts

The impact of AI on the creative side of advertising is still a topic of controversy. Recently, the automaker Lexus put AI to the test when creating the first ad scripted by artificial intelligence.

First, AI statistics of luxury car awards that have won awards for 15 years at Cannes Lion. Next, AI drew the formula for success and gave Lexus a full-fledged TVC.

In terms of content and creativity, this is not excellent advertising. Although the visuals were very nice and compelling by director Mc Donald, the script was just discrete ideas followed by a story. However, it is a breakthrough and full of potential for using AI to tell advertising stories.

6. AI creates advertising lines

The artificial intelligence tool of Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba can create 20,000 lines of advertising in just one second. By comparison, Alibaba’s artificial intelligence can write ads up to 4,000 times faster than a human blink of an eye.

Businesses advertising on Alibaba’s Tmall, Taobao,, etc. can insert a link into one of their product pages. Then press the “produce smart copy” button to see various advertising ideas.

Advertising forecasting will be an important source of revenue for Alibaba. It accounted for 40% of all Chinese mobile ad revenue next year. That is the advantage, but Alibaba asserts that artificial intelligence cannot replace humans.

The role and influence of artificial intelligence on advertising industry is increasing in the modern advertising industry. They create the inevitable trend of the digital age, change the way of communication and content that create advertising.

We need to be ready to take advantage of these developments to make great leaps in the advertising industry. The benefits and effects of AI are undeniable in helping people in the future. programmatic ad agency Application of AI technology to advertising activities in a manner (application but not dependence).

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