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What is Cabin interpretation? Why is it important and necessary?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

What is parallel interpretation (Cabin interpretation)?

Since the advent of language, people have made every effort to break down the language barrier by using translation services. This is the process of a translator translating content from the source language into the target language in his head and at the same time conveying it to the listener verbally.

Today, the interpretation process can be conducted in many different forms, depending on the context, needs, physical conditions, … Among them, the type of Parallel Interpretation (Cabin interpretation) is Used very popular, especially in meetings, seminars, and large conferences.

Let’s learn from Architekst about the importance of Cabin Interpretation in life.

Interpretation in ancient times

Parallel interpretation (Cabin interpretation) and Interpreting (Serial interpretation) are widely used in the history of global humanity. In fact, translation appeared before the written language, played a key role in connecting cultures around the world. The royal family, clergy, military activists, etc. all need the assistance of translators to convey world-important and influential messages.

At this historical stage, when the modern equipment was not born, parallel interpretation was performed in the form of “whispering”. Specifically, the interpreter will stand or sit close to the listener and transmit content, verbal messages at low volume.

A good workshop interpreter needs the following skills:

  • Proficiency in the native language (also called passive language) of yourself; Have a diverse vocabulary; Extensive knowledge and sensitivity to language nuances.
  • Use fluent foreign languages ​​and deep understanding of local culture to be able to localize appropriately. With specialized events, interpreters need to know the terminology of each field, such as law, technology, health, …
  • Always ensure accuracy and professionalism. Interpreters need to ensure translation and transmission of information so that it is accurate, preserving the implications and feelings of the speaker.
  • Thinking sharply and withstanding high work pressure. They need to be able to think and reflect quickly, as well as have a memory capacity “crisis” to store the message of the speaker.
  • Flexible and able to move, go on business often. There are interpreters who work in a specific area only. However, there are those who will often have to move and work around the world. Today, the advancement of technology has made it easier for “remote interpreters” (who are not present at the event) to work more easily. Specifically, the number of interpreters specializing in remote interpretation via video calls is increasing.
  • Good teamwork skills. Because of the particular difficulty, cabin interpreters often have to work in pairs to be able to support each other. Specifically, during the translation process, one person may take a break or record information while the other person is translating. This helps to ensure high quality and work efficiency.
  • Thoughtful and careful. Documents relating to the event, including references, glossaries, instructions, etc. should be provided to the interpreter before the event takes place. They need to read and be well prepared to minimize the risks that may occur at the event.
  • Simultaneous interpretation can take place in minutes, hours, or even days. The translation can be done quickly via Skype, or last up to several weeks in international conferences. Choosing good, qualified, experienced and qualified interpreters is the key to making the event successful and effective.

How to ensure successful and effective cabin interpretation process?

For a successful event, it is essential to select the right interpreter. Like a conductor conducting an entire orchestra, a professional interpreter company will coordinate the process of translating and transmitting information in international conferences in the most effective and efficient way.

Partner with reputable, experienced Cabin Interpreter Services, and have a team of high quality, qualified interpreters to ensure your A-Z interpreter is good. Not only that, these companies will provide standard equipment systems including headsets, microphones, cabins, etc. for interpreters and guests, and a team of highly skilled technicians to support the activities. logistics.

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