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What to Do in Case You are in a Motorcycle Crash

Accidents are inevitable while you are on the road. After all, you cannot control the weather, the road conditions, and the behavior of other road occupants from the other drivers to pedestrians. No matter how careful of a driver you are, these accidents are bound to happen, which is why the road accidents rate in the LA area are sky high. What’s even more alarming if these accidents are on two wheels than four.


A motorcycle personal injury attorney said that motorcycle road accidents tend to have more catastrophic and often fatal results because the one that bears the brunt of an impact in a collision is the body of the motorcycle driver. Often, injuries are serious ranging from broken bones, internal hemorrhage, brain injury, paralysis, and the like. Thus, you need representation from a trusted law firm to help you find justice and get you compensation for damages due to trauma, physical injuries, loss of income, etc

If you are a commuter on two wheels, a motorcycle injury lawyer said that it is your responsibility to know the vital steps to take immediately after you figure in a road accident. These tips are crucial because they will assist you in making a future claim. Besides, presence of mind is important in an accident, and you will only be able to do that if you are informed and educated ahead of time.

Remember, the moments immediately after an accident are the most essential parts of your game plan. These incidents will have an impact on your possible future legal action and your rights to stake a claim. Hereunder are the most significant things that you must do in case you get into a motorcycle accident:

Make Sure that All Parties are Safe

The key is to make sure that all parties concerned are safely out of the road. The last thing you want is additional accidents because you are barring the road. Make sure that everyone stays on the sidelines if there are no injured parties. In case of extreme injury, do not move the injured and immediately call 911.

Call the Police

Get the police to the scene of the road collision as soon as you possibly can. Damages to property, especially those exceeding $500, need a police report in order to claim against your insurance.

A motorcycle injury lawyer said that this police report is a crucial piece of document that will aid in your efforts to seek damages for your beloved bike, your clothing/ expensive riding gears, and even your physical injuries. Note that some aches and pains manifest after a few hours or even several days after your accident

You must let the police know because it is an important component of building a case. You can trust these police officers to help you out. Most of all, they will also keep a record of what transpired, so you can use their own materials for reference much later on.

While you are with the policemen, take note of the officers’ names and badge numbers. This will help you and your personal injury attorney to follow up with them, so they can swiftly and efficiently collect all the pertinent info regarding the accident.

Collect Pertinent Contact Information 

If you are not seriously injured, this means you can move about and venture to ask those involved for their information.  Most knowledgeable personal injury lawyers will note that you must exchange names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance information, and license details for all the drivers that are a part of the accident. Make sure you take the proper steps to keep all of this essential information organized. The last thing you want is to mix up the details, since this may give your problems later.

Use Your Smartphone to Your Advantage

Take a photo of the vehicles and how they are positioned. Take a pic of the licenses. You can even go around the whole accident area and take a video to ensure you have enough material to give a full picture of the event. This will capture the full car make and model, which you may be too shaken to memorize and remember later on.

You are doing this for protection, so in case you end up in court, you will have a strong solid evidence to show of the actual scene of the automotive accident. What can be more detailed than a video? This will ensure that your memory will stay refreshed and you have a concrete proof about the turn of events.

Take a Thorough Note of your Surroundings

Even if you are injured, a motorcycle personal injury attorney in Los Angeles said you must have the presence of mind to take note of your surroundings. You must take into account important information like when, where, or how the accident occurred.

Taking note of the location, the speed limits, the road conditions (was there any construction), the weather, the kind of lighting, and the vehicle travel direction are all vital details that will help with your case when you touch base with your chosen best personal injury lawyer.

If possible, it is also necessary to take photos, videos, and/or mark down the nearest intersection and mile markers within the vicinity of your accident. Later, your documentation materials will allow you to return to the scene to really see the big picture of your accident.

Gather Witnesses

Accounts of an eyewitness (the more the better) regarding the incident are always essential in any legal proceedings. If you can, try and make a short interview with everyone who witnessed the collision. You can record this on your phone or write down the important details.

You must gather as much information as you can from the witness while the details of your motorcycle accident are still fresh in their minds. You must also get their consent if you are recording and you must also ask for their contact information in case your attorney will want to get in touch with them.

Never Ever Admit Your Fault

It is normal for people to apologize to each other when they bump along the corridors. However, the same rules of good manners do not apply to motorcycle accidents. Whatever you, do not apologize to the other party as this may affect your claims.

Always remember that the exact cause of an accident is murky immediately post-collision. The trauma and shock clouds everyone’s judgment. It is totally normal for things and details to come back later on when you are relaxed. Remember, whatever you say may have some serious legal repercussions down the line, so don’t admit fault

Final Word on Motorcycle Accidents

As a motorcycle rider, it is your responsibility to do preventable measures to keep yourself as secure and as safe as possible in case of an untoward incident. Always make sure you inspect your bike for leaks or other issues before riding. Doing this two-minute walk through may save you a lot of hassle in the open highways.

Don’t forget to wear your helmet, not unless you want your brains mangled in an accident. Put on additional safety gear, like a Kevlar vest body armor, riding boots, gloves, and other paraphernalia to avoid less serious motorcycle accident issues. Most of all, abide by all the traffic rules because you are at an increased risk with your two wheeled vehicles. Always remember: safety first!


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