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When Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer be Helpful?

Accidents occur every day. The difference between a car and a motorcycle accident is that the latter can be fatal or have far-reaching effects. This is because, in a car accident, the car’s body usually protects you from the impact, and only a percentage of the force affects you. However, on a motorcycle, you are not protected, and you may suffer more injuries. When involved in a motorcycle accident, your priority should be to get well. You may also be eligible for compensation. Here are five instances when an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can be useful.

Your Insurance Company Demands to Talk to You

Immediately after the accident, you may get a call from your insurance company or the other party’s insurer asking about the details of the accident. Because of the pain and trauma you may have suffered, this may not be the best time to talk to them, but they may still insist on getting all the details. When you have a lawyer, you are assured that your interests are protected. You don’t have to deal with the insurance companies or answer their witty questions. You are able to concentrate on recovering fully.

You Were a Victim

If you were not at fault, you should be compensated for the injuries, pain, and any other loss suffered. It might be hard doing it on your own, especially if you are still recovering from the injuries sustained. Immediately after the accident, getting a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer ensures that you are fully compensated. Note that insurance companies will try to pay you as little as possible even when you are rightfully entitled. A lawyer will ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

You were not Wearing a Helmet.

Most insurance companies will hesitate or outrightly refuse to compensate you if you are involved in a bike or motorcycle accident but were not wearing a helmet. Although it is unlawful, it doesn’t mean that your case should not be considered. If you suffered broken bones or other types of injuries that affected other areas of your body apart from your head, you should fight for compensation. An experienced lawyer will try to convince the jury that the helmet only protects your head, but the injuries were on other parts of the body. Note that insurance companies will fight hard to disqualify your claim, but you can win with the right help.

You were a Passenger

Motorcycle passengers are also entitled to claims. You may be eligible for recompense from the motorcycle insurance company or the other party’s insurer. It is understandable if you, as a passenger, are confused or have no idea of how to start the process. When you need help with my motorcycle crash in Ventura, an attorney can come in handy. He will not only advise you on the steps to take, but it will also be his responsibility to ensure you get compensated. For the best results, don’t just approach any lawyer but one who solely deals with motorcycle litigation. Approaching a lawyer friend who deals in other types of law may not have the anticipated results. In fact, it can be very frustrating.

Injuries as a result of Poor Roads

Poor roads are a significant cause of motorcycle accidents in different parts of the state. You may hit a pothole, lose control, and fly off the road or hit another vehicle. If this happens, you may be eligible for compensation from the county government. It is not easy suing the government; that’s why you may need a qualified lawyer. The process may be painstakingly slow and discouraging, but with the right help, you may get the compensation you deserve. Note that such cases should be filed as soon as they happen for a smoother, easier, and faster process.

When you are at fault

Yes, you can still demand compensation even when you were at fault. An insurer may prove that you were fully at fault, but even when this is the case, with a competent lawyer, you can still argue that the other party may be partially liable for the accident. It’s highly likely that the other party may have done something, no matter how small, to cause the accident. If you can argue this before a jury, you may get compensated or at least get some of the blame off your shoulders.

For a satisfactory claim, it is very important to work with an experienced, dependable, and reputable lawyer. Some people shy away from hiring lawyers because of the fees at stake, but this should not be so. You can agree beforehand how much he will charge and the mode of payment. Some lawyers may not even ask for any fees beforehand but will agree on taking a percentage of the claim once it is settled. Therefore, don’t fear talking to a lawyer. It might be the best decision you ever made after the crash.

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