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When to Seek Air Compressor Repair Services

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Air compressors have now become one of technology’s latest marvels. With their popularity growing, the need to have an efficient Air compressor without faults is crucial for business in today’s world. But most people do not know when to seek air compressor repair services. Here are six quick signs that your air compressor needs to be examined by an expert.

Excess Noise

Air compressors normally have a fair amount of noise, which does not fluctuate. If your air compressor suddenly gets loud, it is a sure sign of faults with its motor or the compressor itself. At times a rattling sound cautions one when someone has loose parts of the compressor. If you have in the recent past suspected that your compressor is not normal, the sudden excess noise can help you decide when to seek air compressor repair services. However, as soon as possible, it is advised as it can save the cost of repairing bigger parts.


If your compressor shuts down due to thermal overload or overheating, you need to be a little bit keener. Perhaps it’s time to get your compressor checked by a technician. Before getting the technician, you can try cleaning the coolers or ventilating the room. But if this does not work, then it’s time to seek air compressor repair services from an expert.

Oil Carryover

Sometimes air compressors are lubricated. The oil used as a lubricant may then carry over to the discharge. However, if this persists, it could be a sign that the compressor is having internal complications and needs to be scheduled for air compressor repair services from a trained specialist.

 A False power switch

Sometimes the power switches of air compressors may get an unresponsive touch. This is one big sign that it is time for an expert to offer help. Despite power problems being part of problems you can easily get through, to seek air compressor repair services is a better idea since power faults are a high risk to electrocutions.

Inadequate air pressure.

Your air compressor should always be able to function at the same pressure all through. Low air pressure can render the compressor unusable at times. If low pressure is experienced, the compressor could be worn out from within, or sometimes this could be characterized by minor faults like slipped belts. Experiencing such a problem with your air compressor? Seek air compressor repair services since ignoring such signs could see the entire air compressor go cold.  

Full Tank.

Among the air compressor’s safety protocols is that the tank should not be full for a period of more than one working day. If this mistake occurs, then be on the lookout for any damages since the tank could rust and corrode or warp due to freezing, and eventual leakages may be experienced. If this happens, the reservoir should be emptied. At this point, one is greatly advised to look for an air compressor repair services provider to determine whether any damage has occurred to the air compressor.

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