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Why a Leave of Absence Despite a Hectic Work Schedule Matters

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Employers usually give employees enough leave of absence each year for various reasons. It could be for an illness. It could also be for a holiday. As an employee, you must take advantage of this opportunity. If it’s paid leave, you can drop your work and enjoy some time off.

It would help if you had a break

Everyone needs a break from work. It doesn’t matter even if you feel like you’re the healthiest person. You might still get ill. You also need a break from the same environment you face each day. Even if you love your job, the work environment could lead to burnout. You need a change in scenery once in a while to help you feel refreshed and recharged.

You’re already ill

You have to listen to your body. There are instances when you already feel ill, but you still keep working. Your body is telling you to stop, but your mind wants you to keep working. The problem is that if you keep working hard even if your body is on the verge of breaking down, it could take a bigger toll on you. Apart from physical illness, you might also face mental health issues. You don’t want to reach that point. Once your body tells you to stop and take sick leave, you should do it.

Taking a vacation is important

You keep postponing your vacation because you’re busy with work. The problem is that if you always make work an excuse to delay the trip, it will never happen. You won’t run out of tasks to finish. Even if you get one thing done, your boss will tell you to work on another task. Before you know it, the year is over, and you failed to use your vacation leave. You need to understand that going on a trip helps you feel better. When you’re about to get burnt out, your holiday trip could change your perspective on life.

Don’t hesitate to ask for permission

If your employer gives you enough time to take a leave of absence, you have to grab it. It would help if you were honest with your boss about the reason for such absence. If your employer is too strict, you should consider leaving that job. You can’t stay in an environment where the boss doesn’t respect your rights.

You also need to check if your boss allows you to have fun. Activities like a funfair would help you relax. It also gives you the chance to know your fellow employees more. The lack of such activities could be terrible for you. It shows that your bosses are only after profits. They don’t care about giving employees a chance to take a break from work. If it’s difficult for you to organise, you can consider a fairground stall hire company which can provide everything needed.

Evaluate how you feel about your job and let go if you think it’s not the right environment for you. If you have excellent skills, other work opportunities will be waiting for you.


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