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Why The Perfect Office Chair is Crucial for All Office Workers

Written by Jimmy Rustling

At the end of the day you spend the majority of your day glued to a computer screen in your office and perched on your seat. This is the reason you should never settle for a bad office chair and so take your time choosing the perfect one from suppliers like Office Reality. Having a bad chair can not only affect your back and posture, but also lower your productivity and general health as you slouch in a scabby seat. Whilst there are other areas of the office that you can transform to improve the feng shui, making sure you have a solid chair for your desk is imperative. I know it sounds a bit trivial but at the end of the day it makes a massive difference for anyone working in an office space.

Good posture first and foremost

Slouching or hunching over your desk because the chair you are in doesn’t adjust, fit your size or is broken can cause seriously bad posture. When you are spending day after day in these positions, there’s only so much yoga that you can do to stretch out your spine and relieve the stress it has been under. Not only does bad sitting posture lead to detrimental health but it also causes poor mood, irritability and mood swings which are not what anyone needs in the office from the person afflicted to those around them. A solid chair will relieve your workers of any sort of problems regarding posture and this has such a positive knock on effect on your staff. To go even further than this you could sort yourself or your workers out with ergonomic seat cushions which will further enhance comfort and good posture. Regardless of what options you go for choosing a seat with better ergonomics is definitely a positive.

Better productivity

Whilst not only bad for your posture, poor seats can be hugely detrimental for your health in general. It’s been discovered that sitting down for 11 hours a day increases your chance of cardiovascular issues by 50%. Not only this but with a poor seat under you, you’re going to become irritable and lose focus on what really matters at your desk. Instead, with a strong ergonomic seat you can encourage effective teamwork and better overall productivity from your workers, which is precisely what you are after!

Rewarding your team and positive reinforcement

Over three quarters of people claim their office chair makes them uncomfortable with over 50% of people wanting to swap their chair. With so many of your workers having potential chair issues, why not treat them? Showing workers you care by sorting them out with a new chair, or receiving a chair from your boss, shows the company’s intentions and how much they value you. The investment shows the worker that they are valued and cared for, which can only be a good thing. This alone can work to increase efficiency and productivity as well as making the general atmosphere in the office much better.

So forget that horribly uncomfy office chair you have now and get yourself or your workers kitted out in a comfy new ergonomic and suitable seat for your office desk – it’ll make the world of difference.

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