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Will Turkey Meat Make Dogs Sleepy?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

There is an old myth that turkey makes people sleepy. This myth stems from the amino acids that can be found in turkey.

With everyone believing that the star protein at Thanksgiving can cause drowsiness, it might seem plausible that turkey meat would also make dogs sleepy.

While turkey may not be the reason people get sleepy at Thanksgiving, it may potentially cause your dog to feel drowsy if they eat the meat. With all of the great health benefits that turkey provides, it would be interesting if turkey could calm pups down, as well.

Does Turkey Make Dogs Sleepy?

No, turkey meat will not make your dog sleepy. The myth that turkey causes drowsiness stems from the fact that the meat contains the amino acid tryptophan.

Tryptophan can cause drowsiness when it is on its own. However, there are several other amino acids in turkey meat. These additional amino acids crowd the ability for tryptophan to reach the brain and, therefore, greatly limit its ability to have any effect on the neurotransmitters.

Also, there is no more tryptophan in turkey than contained in other meats, such as beef or chicken. All of these meats contain tryptophan and do not make us drowsy. The drowsiness many people feel at Thanksgiving stems from a feeling of fullness after eating a large meal and not the tryptophan in turkey.

What Does Turkey Do?

While turkey may not put your dog to sleep, it does have a lot of great health benefits. When it is prepared properly, turkey makes a great meat option to feed your dog.

Turkey meat is very lean and has a lower fat content than can be found in other meats, such as red meats. Not only that, but turkey has a ton of macronutrients and micronutrients, like riboflavin and phosphorus. These nutrients are wonderful for your dog to consume.

Turkey can make up about 10% of your pup’s daily calories. It is a great protein source to add to your dog’s diet. You can click here to find out if turkey is good for dogs.

Why Could Food Make My Dog Tired?

There are a few reasons why feeding your dog food such as turkey could make them tired. While turkey itself will not cause your dog to get sleepy, it could be causing other issues for your dog resulting in drowsiness.

If the turkey does not agree with your dog, such as if they are allergic to the meat, drowsiness may be one of the symptoms. The allergic reaction could cause them to become lethargic.

If the turkey is rotten, your dog may also become lethargic. Another reason feeding your dog turkey may make them sleepy is if the turkey contains something that is toxic to dogs. A lot of turkey leftovers will have seasonings, like garlic, on them that are unsafe for dogs to consume.

If a dog eats these toxic seasonings, it may experience drowsiness. Many times lethargy caused by tainted turkey would be accompanied by an upset stomach and other symptoms. Sometimes, the symptoms can become quite serious, so ensure you are keeping a close eye on your pup’s health.

How Can I Help My Dog Sleep?

If your dog is very restless, there are things you can do to help them relax and get some rest. The first step you should take to help your dog calm down is to figure out what is causing their sleeplessness.

The cause of their lack of sleep will decide what solution you need to take. More exercise, proper food and water, and a comfortable bed are all easy ways to try and help your dog sleep properly. Your dog needs at least one to two hours of exercise or walking each day.

You can also try calming gummies that are normally stocked at most pet food stores. If your dog is having issues with sleeping, you should contact your vet. They will be able to give you the information you need and help figure out what the best solution for your pup is.

Final Thoughts

Turkey will not cause your dog to get sleepy. There is simply not enough tryptophan in the meat to induce drowsiness. Turkey does have many other benefits that make it a great food option for dogs.

While turkey may not make your dog go to sleep, there are things you can do to help promote a healthy sleep schedule for your dog. If you are concerned with your dog’s sleep habits, you should contact your pup’s vet.

If you feed your dog turkey and they become sleepy, it may be due to the meat being rancid or seasoned with toxic ingredients. Check the turkey to ensure that it is safe for your dog to consume.

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